July 21, 2019

Mid July Swings and Uptrending Stocks


ACST(+73% past month): Has had a beautiful uptrend in recent weeks, caused by a series of news releases. Set a new 52 week high this week, looking for it to test 2.00 in the near future

FPAY(+96% past 3m): Very solid chart, this stock has soared recently, causing it to nearly double in value over the last few months. Looking for a continuation of this movement

HEBT(+102% past 3m): A low volume stock that has had big movement in recent weeks. Tested 2.00 last week before falling, watch for a break of 2.00 for it to begin its reversal

KIQ(+184% past year): A strong uptrend has been halted by strong resistance. Needs to surpass 1.65 to become a buy

CVRS(+147% past year): Had a strong climb over the past 6m before hitting resistance recently. Needs to retest 3.00 and break that mark to become a buy again

OESX(+178% past year): Has been a strong stock over the past half a year. Struggling with 3.00 resistance, once broken, expect another run for this low volumed stock

AVP(+168% past year): Has been a strong swing stock over the past 12 months, steadily climbing during that time. Currently pressed against it’s 4.00 wall, if broken, expecting a continuation

REKR(+360% past 3m): One of the best stocks over the past few months, doubling in share value over the last month as well. Large pt of 4.75 in place

WKHS(+523% past 3m): A monster gainer that’s exploded in value, rocketing from a mere .55 cents 3 months ago. Resistance at 4.00, looking for it to retest that mark shortly


AG(+34% past month): A stock with large volume that is surging in recent weeks. Testing 10.00, expect it to break past it with the current climate of the world

APPS(+246% past year): One of the best long term Stocks over the past 3 years, gaining over 400% during that time. It remains a steady but safe stock

EGO(+79% past 3m): Another stock effected positively by the recent political climate. Expect this stock to continue rising as world events progress

IDN(+145% past year): Slow-moving gainer with plenty of spikes and dips, decent for swing trading. Looking for a climb over 6.00 to remain a buy

NEPT(+111% past year): Strong uptrend has been kicked into overdrive in recent weeks. Would like to see a 7.50 be reached by the end of the month

NM(+81% past month): Consistent climber over the last few weeks. Potential short term recovery underway

NGD, SNGX, CRIS,TMQ,FSI,CVM,ISSC: Stocks on watch to become swings
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