July 16, 2018

Mid-July Swings/Uptrending Stocks list($5-10)

AKTS: Gaining 73% over the last 3 months, AKTS has surged of late. Expecting a climb to 10+ in the near future
APEN: Up 40% over the last month, as it reverses from its late 2016 steep drop. Watching for a continuation
ARQL: Up 330% over the last year. Has had a great chart over the last few months. Solid pullback last week, watching for a rebound
ASG: Up 125% since early 2016 on a very steady climb. A slow mover, but a solid set and forget stock. Expect the climb to continue
BVX: Up 100% over the last year. Strong resistance at 5.50, watching for a break for the climb to continue
CASI: Up over 550% over the last year, on an incredible chart. Strong resistance at 8.15, reached twice in recent months but has been unable to break. Expecting another attempt to take place shortly
CERS: Up 215% over the last year on a beautiful chart. Near its Resistance point of 7.50, needs to have a strong break to remain a buy
DS: Up 45% over the last 3 months and 135% over the last year. Resistance at $8 and support at 6.50. Watch for another test of 8 in the near future
DWSN: Not a buy currently, watch over 8.50 for the recovery to continue
EAST: Has climbed since last August, and shows no signs of stopping its steady growth, solid long term hold
ENPH: Has continued its incredible climb, gaining 750% over the last year, steadily. Our pt of $10+ set several months ago remains intact.
GLUU: Up nearly 150% over the last year. Bounced off its resistance of 6.70, watching for another attempt to successfully break it.
INS: A severely underrated gem, INS Is up 80% over the last 3 months, 140% over the last year, and 825% over the last 5 years. The poster child of a consistently growing stock, watch over the mental resistance of 10 for this stock to continue its great movements
JYNT: Up 120% over the last year. Currently in a consolidating period, as it sets up to attempt to break its resistance of 9 once again. On watch
LFVN: Up 135: over the last 3 months. Recent surge, watching for a break of 10 for it to continue
LGCY: Strong year uptrend was halted, watching for signs of a climb back to 10 in the future. Keep on watch
LOAN: Long term hold, Loan has climbed nearly 600% over the last 5 years, steadily climbing throughout the years. With such a strong uptrend, a LT. PT. of 10 is in order
LONE: Up 100% over the last 3 months. Strong reversal underway, with room to climb.
MRNS: Up 500% over the last year, has had an amazing recovery over that time. Breaking over 8 easily has shown a strong sign of its determination to break its resistance of 9 that it reached in late 2017. If broken, expect it to continue to run
RCM: Up 130% over the last year, has a very solid chart. Reached over 9 twice before having another pullback. Expect another attempt in the near future, very solid long-term hold.
RFIL: Up 330% over the last year, performing excellently. Resistance at 8.35, expect another attempt to break it in the future.
WTI: 300% Gained over the last year, on a choppy chart. With a solid Resistance at 8.70, watching over 9 before confirming as a buy again.
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