June 20, 2021

Mid June Swings and Uptrending Stocks

CFMS: Had a great week, adding more than 20% before pulling back heading into close. Looking for another test of 1.40 in the near future
MLND: Has amassed more than 40% over the past month, as it recovers from its late March pullback. Would like to see it continue back to 2.00 shortly
ITRM: Has had a steady uptrend over the past month, gaining nearly 90% over that time. Would like to see a continuation north this week
JFU: Performed well throughout the week, continuing its recent uptrend that caused it to more than double in share value over the past month, before pulling back heading into close. Expecting is another attempt to surpass 3.00 again in the upcoming days
LKCO: Has doubled over the past month, including a great run on Friday. Has momentum, on the radar for it to push higher this week
QD: Amassed nearly 30% last week as a reversal begins. Has the potential to continue to 3.00 or beyond shortly, watching this week
VERO: Has been a steadily uptrending stock, gaining 45% over the past month, surging steadily throughout that time period. 3.00 in sight, expecting it to continue north
CERC: Has surged over the past week, steadily climbing throughout the past month, on pace for 4.00 before EOM
CTXR: It’s gained more than 40% over the past week, adding to its near 90% over the past month, with excellent volume. Continuing north, expecting it to continue its momentum to 4.00 shortly
PETZ: Has Gained 75% over the past month despite its lower volume. Amassed 20% last week, and closed solidly, on the radar for its recovery to carry it higher this week
TTI: Up a massive 740% over the past year, taking off since the new year. Has slowed down in recent months, needs to surpass 4.00 to continue its surge north. Watching
CLSD: Had an excellent week, putting up more than 60% and setting a new 52 week high. Negotiating that 5.00 wall, expecting it to surpass that price point in the coming days
SESN: Gained more than 70% over the past month, consistently uptrending over that time. Pulled back to end last week, after failing to climb over 4.50. Watching for another attempt to surpass that mark
VSTM: Has been a consistently long-term gainer, up nearly 200% over the past year, including doubling over the past 3m. Currently at its 52 week high, needs to continue over 5.00 to maintain its uptrend
APEN: A low volume stock that’s had a fantastic surge over the past year, amassing more than 400%. Expecting it to continue north to 10.00 in the near future, will reevaluate at that time.
ATOS: Put up more than 20% last week, recovering from its recent pullback. Would lIke to see it continue its move north back to its 6.00 resistance.
GSM: Has gained more than 840%, surging hard since last December. Expecting to see its run continue long term
TRCH: Ran more than 110% over the past week, adding to its near 200% over the past month. Has been a fantastic stock, expecting it to continue its surge this week
XYF: Up 35% over the past week, bringing its past week gains to nearly 115%. Currently at its 52 week high, negotiating 10.00, expecting it to surge over that mark and continuing north.
AVXL, ANVS, PRVA, SPT,BNED, CDEV, STKS, HMHC: Other Swings on watch
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