June 17, 2018

Mid-June Swings/Uptrending Stocks: $1-5 Stocks

As the market Continues Its historic Climb, Plenty of strong and profitable Market opportunities have presented themselves. Here are the ones that have caught our eye:
MBRX: A overall downtrending stock that’s had a
decent uptrend this Month, climbing 20% over that time. Consolidating at the $2 mark, if it breaks, watch for a surge
SCYX: Up 50% over the last month, expecting a continuation of its slow uptrend, pt. 2.40
SDR: Long-term downtrend but has experienced an excellent surge of late, gaining over 100% over the last 3 months. Liking the reversal to continue, 2.50 pt
ATRS: Slow climber, However steady chart since last November, expect the uptrend to continue
Soaring since mid-May needs to break $3 before the climb can continue, as it ran into the wall many times over the last year, watch closely.
BLPH: Gained 100%+ over the last year, on a very jagged chart. Strong swing chart due to its expected Spikes and dips. 2,70 is its resistance, over, the stock continues its uptrend.
CFRX: Long-term gainer, gaining 100% over the last year, and 25% over the last week. Hovering around a major resistance point, if it breaks through, the stock will continue its recovery
CLNE: Long-term downtrend but short-term surge, gaining 85% over the last 3 months. Growing stagnant at 3, if it can break, expect the uptrend to continue again.
DRRX: Strong climb halted by a powerful pullback, Has recovered and restarted its surge north, expect that 2.50 wall to serve at its resistance
EGY: Climbed nearly 200% over the last 3 months, on an incredible chart. Broke through any real resistance, expect the climb to continue for a while, pt $5+
ENT: Up 170% over the last month, an incredible steady chart has driven this stock to a powerful reversal. Would like to see a strong break of 3 for the stocks prolific climb to continue
GEN: One of the best swing charts you will find, gen has soared of late, kicking its uptrend into high gear, gaining 63% over the last month. No resistance anywhere near its current price, an aggressive pt. of 4.50 is in order
RUBI: Up 50% over the last 3 months on a steady chart as it fills a gap. 3.50 pt.
SDPI: Up 210% over the last year on an excellent chart. Currently consolidating between 2.00 and 2.20. Once the 2.20 wall is broken, expect the steady climb to continue
SDT: Low floater and long-term downtrend thats had a sudden recovery, gaining 100% over the last month. With resistance at 2.50, room left here to climb
TURN: Newer on the market, has had an overall northward climb since its beginning. A set it and forget it stock
CRNT: Has gained over 100% since mid November. Up against its longtime $4 resistance, If it can finally break it, watch for a run
CVM: Up 75% over the last 3 months, on a steady chart. Extreme downtrend over the last 5 years, but watch for the short term reversal to continue
DSWL: Climbed about 200% since the beginning of 2016, very low float and volume stock that’s quietly creeping north
INFU: Gained 90% over the last year on a very steady chart, with 3.50 as its resistance, there is plenty of room left for the stock to climb
LTS: Decent Long-term grower, expecting resistance at 4
NIHD: Called at 2, expected 3, has surged past there with a fury as its recovery continues, up 450%+ over the last year, and expectations are for the climb to continue over 5.
SMTC: Very low volume stock, that has surged 138% over the last year, on an extremely steady chart. Excellent under the radar stock
ACRX: Gaining 100% over the last 3 months, Expect the excellent trend north to continue to the 5.50 pt. set several months back.
APTO: Strong long-term gainer recovering from a pullback, gaining 200%+ over the last year. watching over 4.35
PFIE: Gained 270% over the last year. surging on a very strong recovery. Watch over 5.30, for this stock to truly fly.
SENS: Up nearly 200% over the last year, broke resistance and is now attempting to stay above it, if so, watch for the uptrend to continue to new highs
MEET: Solid 3-month surge, gaining an average of 30% per month during that time. Has room to climb before resistance, 4.75 st pt.
CERC: Recovered from its strong pullback and is retracing its steps back to its all-time high, watch for the climb to continue.
EMAN, NBEV, AEHR, HSGX, IMMP, VSAR, CPRX, DNR, EVK, SRRA, ARQL, AVXL: Stocks with setups poised for a breakout.
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