June 15, 2020

Mid-June Uptrending Stocks


ANCN(+84% past 3m): Has surged during the pandemic, after years of downtrending. Negotiating 1.50, expecting it to soar past that mark and continue to 2.00

ARPO(+133% past 3m): Has more then doubled over the past month, and continues to release a steady stream of news. Looking for it to continue north as the search for a pandemic cure continued

KOPN(+443% past 3m): Has had a tremendous few months, climbing from .25 a share to almost 1.50 during that time. 2.00 expected in the upcoming few weeks

NAK(+208% past 3m): A steady gainer over the past few months, taking off at the start of the pandemic. Expecting a continuation past 1.50, although holding it’s gains shouldn’t be counted on


ANY(+347% past 3m): Has been an excellent gainer recently, although double topped at 2.80. Looking for it to test that mark again in the near future

MLSS(+611% past year): A stock that experienced enormous success during the second half of last year, before collapsing during the first month of lockdown. Has roared all the way back to its pre pandemic numbers, expecting a climb over 2.50 this week

NH(+384% past year): Has remained a consistent gainer over the past few months, gaining 24% past month and 57% in the past 3m. Approaching 3.00, if it breaks that mark, expect a continuation


ATOS(+250 past 3m): A stellar performer, with strong spikes and great consolidation periods. Climbed over 3.00, needs to hold over that point before continuing north

ELA(+407% past year): Has had a beautiful uptrend over the past 52 weeks, maintaining a run that’s lasted throughout that time period, and through the current pandemic. Approaching 4.00, expecting it to run past that

LPTH(+170% past 3m): Has surged over the past few months, breaking over a year of downtrending. Recently made ZACKS 5 stocks to buy, looking for it to continue its momentum


NYMX(+177% past year): Had an excellent climb for 6 months before falling due to the pandemic. Has clawed its way back from its fall and surpassed pre pandemic price, to surge over 4.00. Expecting it to hold over that mark and continue north


GNSS(+107% past 3m): Has consistently climbed over the past few months despite market conditions. As the market recovers in the future, expect this stock to take off

IPWR(+118% past week): More then doubled in value over the past week, due to a series of news. Watch early Monday for signs of it’s excellent move to continue

LAZY(+137% past 3m): Has soared in value after announcing a large gain in customer orders, a trend thats expected to continue. Gained 80% last month, potentially 10.00 in the near future

PFSW(+180% past 3m): A stock thats had a beautiful climb recently. Has had resistance at 7.00, expecting it to test that mark in the near future again, if it surpasses it, a continuation is in order

PRTS(+638% past year):One of the best gainers, the stock has soared over the past few months, continuously setting new 52 week high marks. 10.00 approaching fast, look for it to reach it before the end of the month

RVP(+838% past year): An enormous surge in share value over the last 3 months has made this one of the best stocks to buy during current market conditions. Expect a continued run

VMD(+200% past 3m): With their covid research, VMD has tripled in share value over the past 3 months. Approaching 10.00, expecting it to climb past that point and continue north


BLDP(+537% past 5 years): A long term gainer that’s maintained its climb for many years. 20.00 in sight, looking for it to reach that mark potentially by the end of this upcoming week

VERI(+487% past 3m): Has a beautiful chart thats had an excellent long term climb. Expecting a continued run over the near future at minimum

DRD(+357% past year): Has had a steady uptrend over the past 52 weeks, ignoring the market downtrend recently. Surpassed 10.00, looking to it to continue it’s surge

BCOM,FCEL,TRIL: Stocks on watch to become solid swings.
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