March 17, 2019

Mid-March Swings and Uptrending Stocks


MYT(+68% past month): Recently hit the stock market and immediately took off, surging since then, despite its low volume. Large resistance at 1.90, looking for it to break it

SCYX(+214% past 3m): A strong reversal took place at the end of December, triggering a large run. Long term decline, but short term potential to reach 2.00

TRCH(+165% past 3m): Long term decliner that’s experiencing a large rebound, climbing fast in recent months. Approaching it second attempt to break its 2.00 wall. Observing closely


LIQT(+452% past year): A monster gainer over the last 2 years, liqt has spent the last month or so consolidating for another leg up. 2.50 is our next pt. but fully expecting the share price to surpass that

TMQ: A low volume, and slow but steady gainer. Has gained 71% since our original call a year ago. Looks primed to continue, next pt. 3.00 in the coming months

PED, REFR: Stocks potentially setting up for swings

APPS: Good long term option that has gained well over 100% since the beginning of November. Looking for the climb to continue, 4.20 long term pt. in place

LEE(+82% past 3m): Steady climber in recent months, looking for it to close 3.75 for it to continue

RIBT(+160% past year): A consistent stock over the last year, currently at its 52 week high. 4.50 pt in place


AQMS(+136% last 3m): Sporting a strong chart in recent months, with small dips and a consistent climb. 5.40 is our next pt, looking for this recovery to continue

ARPO: Potentially setting up for swings

ACB(+68% past 3m): Recovering well from a pullback, creating a perfect cup and handle pattern. 11.70 resistance, with its current trajectory and with cannabis having a big future, expect it to pass that mark

CHMA(+311 past year): Nearly all of its gains have come since August, soaring since then. Potential for a long term climb to 10, currently, a small resistance at 7.00, looking for a break

CODA(+132% past year): Excellent long term option, Coda has soared since hitting the market. Approaching 10, needs a strong climb past it to continue its movement north

EVRI(+66% past 3m): Solid option, has been flying since mid-2016. Erased a large pullback recently, testing its 10.00 wall. Observing closely

GLUU(+158% past year): Gaming company with a bright future. Has an excellent chart for swing trading, with plenty of dips and spikes. Briefly climbed over 10 on Friday, looking for it to try again early next week

HYRE(+257% past 3m): One of the best swings over the last few months, Hyre has an excellent chart for swinging and a big future. Currently, at its all-time high, the sky is the limit.

KEG(+223% past month): A excellent stock recently, gaining nearly daily over the last month. A big reversal is underway. 8.20 pt in place

RUBI(+ 250% past year): Our favorite year-long stock, rubi has had an extremely consistent chart, erasing pullbacks with ease and continuing north. 8.50 pt in place.

TEUM(+225% past 3m): Steady gainer and chart in recent months, looking for it to pass 6.00 before reevaluating

BSGM, ENPH: Stocks potentially setting up for swings

QTT(+223% past month): Currently flying, finishing Friday reaching its last resistance point before it pushes to 20.00. Expect it to climb past it.

JYNT(+139% past year): One of our favorite swings recently, jynt has picked up pace recently, gaining 95% over the last 3m. Resistance at 15.00, fully expecting it to pass it

UROV(+139% past 3m): Experienced a sudden reversal near the end of Dec., exploding out of a steep decline. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, looking for the uptrend to continue

AXSM(+262% past 3m): Had a sharp spike At the beginning of this year and has slowly continued north. pt of 13.00 in place

LSCC(+108% past year): Great company with a great future, a solid long term hold for the coming months and potentially years

DBD(+305% past 3m): An extremely consistent climb in recent months has been underway after a long term decline. Looking for it to fill a gap back to the 13.00 range

OSIR(+119% past year): Steady chart over the last year. Has gained over 150% since last May, and has plenty of strength to continue. 21.50 pt in place

FLDM(+108% past year): Slow reversal taking place, gaining nearly 200% since last June on an excellent chart over that time. Room left to climb

AMSC: Potential to return as a swing, needs to reset its chart
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