May 13, 2019

Mid-May Swings and Uptrending Stocks


KIQ(100%+ over the past 3m): Lower volume stock that’s had a big of a surge in recent months, surpassing 1.00. If it surpasses 1.30, expect a continuation

PTN(+86% over the past 3m): Has had a steady climb recently, strong resistance at 1.50, if broken, new 5 year highs will be set

SUNW(+198% past 3m): Has had a very strong and sudden uptrend stopped short due to a large pullback. Looking for a rebound for it to retest 2.00 in the future
CVRS(+159% past 3m): Performing very well over the past year, gaining nearly 250% over that time. Expecting the climb to continue, large 4.25 long term pt. in place. Chart looks healthy

TMQ(+109% past year): Long term gainer with a consistent 3 year+ climb. Expect a continuation, new 3.75 pt in place by the new year. Good set and forget stock

FSI: Stock on watch to become a swing if it surpasses 3.00

APPS(126% past year): A great long term gainer, that’s held a uptrend for the most part since the beginning of 2017. Our 4.25 pt. remains intact, if broken, expecting a continuation to 5.00

CFMS(+398 over the past 3m): A recent explosive gainer that’s maintained its uptrend over the last few months, as it begins a long overdue recovery. Looking for a surge past 4.00, for it to continue north.

DHX(+143% past year): A stock with plenty of large spikes and dips. Continues its trajectory north, Observing over 4.00

ATEC(+218% past 3m): Had a sharp climb before consolidating for over month. Recently exploded north again, needs to surpass 4.25 for a continuation of this recent impressive move

ISSC(+77% past 3m): Has had a relatively solid climb, despite its very low average volume. Has reached and been pushed back 3 times over the last 5 years at 4.45, if it surpasses it, expect a run

CKPT,YVR: Stock on watch to become a potential swing in the future

BSGM(+109% past 3m): Has had a strong start for this rather new stock. Setting new all-time highs nearly every day. Expecting the climb to continue to 10.00, will reevaluate then

CHMA(+355% past 3m): A strong stock over the past year, with large news based surges over that time. Looking for it to test 7.00 again in the near future, if broken, expecting another run.

CVM(+181% past 3m): Has continued run after its recovery from its large fall late last year, Has surpassed all pt. set for it, looking for 10.00 before the end of June

FLNT(+198% past year): Not an explosive gainer, but a consistent one, mainly over the past half a year. 9.50 pt in place for this slow climber.

GSB(+143% past year): A very low volume stock with a very good future. A Strong company quietly growing fast. Expect it to reach 10.00 soon and climb past it.

RUBI(+234% past year): A beautiful chart of a stock that’s rebounding. Our large 8.50 pt remains intact.

TAIT(+293% past year): A stock that was experiencing a meteoric run in recent weeks. Suffered a large pullback in the second half of the week. Looking for a recovery at the beginning of this upcoming week for this to remain a buy

TLRA(+161% past 3m): Creeping north nearly each day. Has a jagged chart, made perfect for swinging, Looking for it to surge past its 8.50 52 week high this week

ADVM,CKPT,MFIN: Stocks on watch to become swings

JYNT(+103% past 3m): Has remained one of the best swings under 20, with its excellent chart, complete with a healthy amount of spikes and dips. Our last pt. of 20.00 looms ahead, expecting it to be reached this week

ZYNE(+145% past 3m): A great gainer recently. Has run into resistance of 13.00, looking for it to break for the recovery to continue

CODA(+284% past year): Has been a steady climber, up until last week where it suffered a large pullback just before reaching 20.00. Expecting it to resettle and attempt to break that mark again

GWGH(+224% past year): Has maintained a uptrend since last August. Expecting it to continue to 20.00 in the near future

RCM(+391% past 5 years): Has remained a gainer since its introduction to the market in 2017. Long term climber, buy and hold candidate

ACMR(+103% past 3m): Has had a very nice chart in recent months, on watch over 20.00 for a continuation

CATS(+239% past year): Has a very jagged chart, made perfect for swings. Maintained its climb since our alert under 10.00. 20.00 approaching quickly

CECO: Watching over 20.00

GLDD(115% past year): Nothing flashy about this stock, but a very reliable option as a buy and hold long term.

ENPH,EVER,LSCC: Stock on watch to turn into good swings
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