November 14, 2021

Mid November Swings and Uptrending Stocks

DNN: Has been a fantastic long-term gainer, amassing more than 450% over the past year with a strong chart. Testing 2.00 recently, on the radar for that mark to be surpassed and a new 52 week high to be set
RETO: Put up nearly 70% last week, adding to its more than 100% put up over the past 3m. Has strong recent momentum, looking for it to push higher this week
URG: A decent stock that’s added more than 310% over the past years time, including erasing a strong pullback recently. Would like to see it maintain its uptrend
BTB: Had a fantastic run on Friday, soaring throughout the day and continuing that positive move-in Afterhours, ending the day well over 4.00. Gained 250%+ last week, would like to see it surge higher
CCO: Set a new 52 week high last week, bringing its past year gains to 180%. Maintains a steady climb over that time period, would like to see 4.00+ in the near future
TGA: Has put up 631% over the past year with a great chart over that time. Approached its previous 52 week high on Friday, expecting it to be surpassed in the near future
DOGZ: A lower volume stock that’s quietly added more than 90% over the past 3m, consistently climbing over that time. Needs more volume to reach and surpass its previous 52 week high of 5.00, on watch
HDSN: A low average volume stock that’s had a great year, putting up nearly 300% with a strong chart. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, and 5.00 is within sight, would like to see that mark reached and surpassed shortly.
TH: Has very low volume, but continues to surge north, putting up 261% over the past year. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, would like to see a push north in the near future if it can surpass 5.00
AQST: Has been great over the past month, adding 66% over the past month with a steady climb over that time. Has the potential for a further climb north
BW: Up 60% over the past month, and set a new 52 week high on Friday, briefly testing 10.00. Would like to see its run continue this week if 10.00 is surpassed
DHX: Put up more than 200% over the past year, with a very steady chart over that time. Reached 6.00 on Friday, setting a new 52 week high, expecting another test of that price this week
DXLG: Has been one of the best gainers on the market over the past year, gaining more than 2750% with a beautiful chart. Remains under the radar despite its fantastic surge, would like to see 10.00 reached in the near future
ENOB: Has gained more than 200% since this past April, including more than 30% over the past month. Has very low volume, needs more volume to push it over its 10.00 wall
HBP: Set a new 52 week high on Friday, gaining 75% over the past month despite its very low level volume. 10.00 in sight, on the radar this week for that price to be reached shortly
IFRX: Had a solid week including a good end to the week, closing strong and bringing its past month gains to 132%. Continues to push higher, could see a return to its 6.88 previous 52 week high.
III: Has a beautiful long term run, amassing 267% over the past year, surging throughout that time. A lower volume stock, could see 10.00+ in the near future
LXU: Has maintained its uptrend throughout the past year, gaining nearly 550% over that time, with a consistent chart. 10.00 approaches, on the radar
UEC: Has been great recently, putting up 63% over the past month, adding to its more than 150% gained over the past 3m with a great chart. Has good momentum, looking for 6.00 in the near future
YELL: Set a new 52 week high on Friday, as it maintained its recent climb that’s caused it to gain 80% over the past month’s time. Pushing higher, on watch for 15.00+ in the coming days.
UUUU: Has taken off recently, more than doubling in share value over the past 3m to add to its 531% gained over the past year. Set a new 52 week high last week, on watch for it to continue north
CLMT: A low volume stock that’s had a fantastic under-the-radar surge, amassing 320% over the past year, despite low volume. Has great momentum, expecting another test of 15.00 and for it to surpass that mark
SWIM: Performed very well last week, gaining nearly 50% including a solid close on Friday. Up 77% over the past month, would like to see 25.00+ shortly
LEU: Has been fantastic of late, putting up 250% over the past 3m with an excellent chart, adding to its 750% gained over the past year. Having a near-daily climb, expecting a continuation this week
NOTV: Set a new 52 week high last week as it surges higher, potential for 60.00+ this week
PETZ,STGW,LTBR,SD: Other Stocks on Watch
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