November 19, 2018

Mid-November Uptrending Stocks

LIQT(+277% past year): Performed well for a 6-month span before growing stagnant over the last 2 months. Strong support at 1.25, watching for the reversal to begin

SGLB(+60 past 3m): Uptrend has been interrupted by a 2.00 wall, support at 1.60, watching its movements

AEZS(+103% Past month): Has maintained a great uptrend since the beginning of November, watching over 3.00

DHXM(+49% past month): Has experienced an impressive reversal since mid-September, gaining nearly 200% over that time. Watching over 2.60

LINC(+32% past month): Has grown nearly 100% since late Feb. Has room left to grow, 3.40 pt.

RIBT(+134% past year): Recovering from a pullback that halted its explosive uptrend. Would like to see it return to 3.45 in the short term

TMQ(+121% past year): Has had a consistent uptrend since the beginning of 2016, gaining over 1000% over that time. Expecting the reversal to continue.

CHMA(+106% past 3m): Has rocketed since the beginning of August, has broken past all resistance points, expect the uptrend to continue long term

DXLG(+52%+ past 3m): Has gained more than 100% since Mid-May, resistance at 3.45, watching over it.

SMTX(+138% past year): A low volume but consistent growth stock, making steady gains over the past year, resistance at 4.00 watching over it

CRNT(+142% past year): Solid stock, choppy movements but relatively decent uptrend.

KODK(+60% past month): Has had a strong month, putting a stop to its slow downtrend. Room left to fill the gap, 5.00 pt.

MTBC(+97% past year): Choppy stock with plenty of pullbacks, perfect for swing trading. Has had trouble with 5.00, watching for a strong break

OASM(+171% past 3m): Explosive stock over recent months, held well during a pullback, currently approaching its 5.35 resistance, keep on watchlist

RUBI(+151% past year): Solid company and stock, currently flying over the past month. A pt. of 6.00 is in place

ATXI(+47% past month): Continues its impressive rebound from its mid-October fall, resistance at 5.75, watching over it

ELP(+43% past 3m): Performing very nicely, as it, maintains a slow but rather consistent climb north. First pt. 8.30

FBP(+93% past year): Has had an extremely consistent uptrend over the past 12 months, marching north over that time period. Watching over 10 for it to continue

IMMY(+196% past year): Decent uptrend thats soared over the last month or so. Expecting a continuation.

NIHD(+1412% past year): One of the biggest gainers over the past year, nihd has suffered a large pullback over the last week. Seeing its history, watching for it to reverse and continue its impressive gains

NOA(+129% past year): Has quietly had a massive turn around, gaining over 500% since the beginning of 2016. Currently dealing with a resistance point, watching for it to show signs of regaining strength

TRPX(+145% past 3m): Explosive grower over the past 3m, current support just below 8, with resistance at 9.20. Keep on watch


CDXS(+1220% past 5y): One of the best long-term growth stocks over the past few years, cdxs has ran into some resistance of late, still expecting this to be a great long-term viable option

INS(+273% past year): Great long-term, strong company and a positive future. Erased a pullback and fast approaching its resistance of 14.65. Watch for a break

CCR(+59% past year): Solid set and forget stock, gaining over 200% since the beginning of 2016.

PDEX(534% past 5y): Strong company and stock, that’s recently blown past any resistance offered. Skys the limit long-term pt. of 20 in place

VCEL(+347% past year): Continuing the trend of excellent companies, VCEL has gained 500% since the beginning of 2015, on a very steady chart. Pt of 20 also in place, plenty of room to grow

GOL(+76% last 3m): Has experienced a strong reversal surge over the last few months, room left to recover, 14.00 pt

PXS,CIG,CVM,UUUU,CATS,DWT: Stocks with decent setups, watching
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