October 22, 2018

Mid October Swings And Uptrending stocks

REFR(+71.95 past 3m): Sporadic gainer over the last few months, long-term downtrend but a potential for more gains in the future.

UQM(+46% past 3m): Steady gainer over the last 3 months,fast approaching its resistance of 1.60. Watching over it.

EYPT(+150% past year): Inconsistent growth with plenty of dips, currently recovering from a pullback, watch for a retest of 3.77

ROYT(105% past year): Solid growth after a long-term downtrend

TMQ(+90% past year): Performing excellently since December 11th of last year. Resistance at 2.35 expect it to break it in the long term time period

CHMA(+133% past 3m): Performing very well over the past few months after a Very long-term downtrend. Room left to climb

CYRN(+90% past year): Solid Gainer, low volume, but has solid movement to continue

NOG(+411% past year): Excellent performer over the last year. Support at 3.50, expecting a Climb back to 4.33 resistance in the future

SBGL(+50% past 3m): Performing well recently, 3.40 resistance, watching over it.

STKS(+112% past year): Very low volume stock, however consistently gained over the last year, as it reverses from a long term downtrend

OASM(+359% past year): Excellent stock over the last 6 months, 2 resistances points of 4.66 and 5.35 need to be broken for the trend to continue.

SDPI(+428% past year): One of the biggest gainers under 5.00 over the last year, including +170% over the past 3 months. Room left to climb, 5.75 pt. set in place

DNR(338% past year): Strong and steady stock over the last year, currently pulling back, watching for 5 to hold before the reversal

GOGO(+68% past 3m): Performing solidly of late, resistance at 6.40, watching for it to break

MFIN(+204% past year): Decently consistent stock over the past year, slowly reversing from years of downtrending, watching over 7

NIHD(+1,165% past year): One of the best performers over the last year in the stock market, NIHD has stalled in growth over the last few months as it negotiates a 6.75 wall. Support at 5.00, watching


NOA(+78 past 3m): Has been a strong stock since the beginning of 2016, soaring back from 1.50 a share. Expecting the climb to slowly continue, solid company

(+163% past 5 years): Long-term growth stock, steady and safe hold. Currently recovering from a small pullback, expecting it to break the 12.26 resistance and continue its climb.

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