November 16, 2020

November 11th Watchlist

AMRH: Had a strong climb today, with more then 5x it’s average volume. Closed strong and continued it’s run in after-hours, ending the day with massive gains. Looking for a continuation tomorrow

CNET: Had a large climb throughout the first part of the day, before growing stagnant. Pulled back in after-hours, watching for another climb past 2.00 to take place

NNDM: Had another big day bringing it’s past week gains to over 90%. Tons of volume+Eyes on the stock= on the radar tomorrow for a continuation

BGFV: Had a steady climb throughout the day, holding it’s gains into close. Watching for it to carry it’s momentum to retest and potentially surpass 8.00

NOVA: Gained 18% over the past week, contributing to its 181% gained over the past year. Currently at it’s all time high, watching for it to push higher.

EDUC: It’s finally broken out of weeks of stagnantion, putting up nearly 20% over the past week. Needs a strong climb past 17.00 to continue north

KLDO: Has been a massive gainer recently, putting up125% over the past week. Watching for it to maintain it’s momentum and climb further

NETE: Had a big run for most of the day before growing stagnant heading into close. Held it’s gains throughout the day, looking for it to potentially test 10.00 in the near future

CRDF: An excellent gainer that’s up 87% over the last week, contributing to its massive 865% over the past year. Briefly tested 16.00, watching for another climb towards that’s price point

EVGN: Started the day off well before pulling back, ending the day in the red. Potentially created a solid buying op, expecting a rebound to take place in the near future

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