November 13, 2019

November 13th Watchlist


APDN: Soared to enormous gains during the day but was nearly cut in half heading into close and Afterhours. Watching early morning for a secondary run

LTS: Had a very nice Tuesday, Up over 60% over the past week. 4.00 next pt. In place, a resistance point reached earlier this year. Expecting It to climb to that in the coming days

SNCR: A stock that had a strong rebound yesterday after a large decline in recent months. Needs to surpass and hold over 5.00 to continue this recovery

DGSE: A stock moving very nicely of late. Up 125% over the past month, after recently breaking out of a consolidation period. Next pt. 1.75 in place, expected to be reached and surpassed before running to 2.00

APPS: One of our favorite stocks over the past 2 years, Apps has been a crazy gainer over that time. Had a strong spike yesterday, 10.00 pt remains a strong possibility by the beginning of next year

FTSV: Has maintained a uptrend over the past month, gaining 61% over that time and over 40% over the past week. 10.00 resistance ahead, looking for it to push past that

AIHS,KDMN,TNXP: Gainers on Watch for continuations

SLDB,FLNT,TTOO: Rebound Candidates
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