November 15, 2019

November 15th Watchlist

CLSN: Had a good day as it recovers from a recent pullback. Looking for 1.50+ today

DTIL: Performed well over the past month, gaining over 70% during that time. Expecting the cup and handle pattern to finish at 15.00 in the upcoming weeks

MLSS: Up over 120% over the past 3 months, with a steady climb over that time. Resistance at 1.41, looking for it to break past that mark soon, 1.65 pt.

XBIT: Continues to be one of the best long term gainers over the past year +, gaining more then 200% over that time period. Set another new 52 week high, the road to 20.00 seems clear.

APPS: Small pullback as it consolidates its recent spike. 10.00 before EOY fully expected

ASTC,PIR,CANG: Gainers on Watch for continuations

CTRA, TKKS,MNI: Rebound Candidates
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