November 16, 2020

November 17th Watchlist

ATHE: Had a massive spike early morning due to a new patent announcement. Pulled back soon after and held steady, testing 3.00 throughout the day. Looking for a small bounce tomorrow from it’s bloody AH.

CBAT: Had an excellent day, consistently climbing throughout the day and closing very strong. Has continued it’s spectacular recent run, where it’s gained 220% over the past weeks time. Looking for a Continuation

WWR: Performed very well throughout most of the day before running into a stiff 6.30 wall. Put up excellent volume, watching early tomorrow for it to maintain today’s momentum.

MHLD: Had a big day, briefly testing 2.00 several times throughout the day, being unable to surpass that mark. Watching for another big day of volume to potentially carry it past that mark

FCEL: Had a superb day, steadily uptrending throughout the day and closing at about it’s HOD. Has performed well recently, gaining over 60% over the past weeks time. Watching for 4.00 to be reached and surpassed

BLNK: Surged throughout the day on good news, including a strong close and solid afterhours. On watch for a continuation tomorrow

SUNW: Performed well throughout the day, closing around 4.00. Testing it’s 3m highs, looking for a surge of volume to push it higher.

BTBT: Consistently climbed today on nearly 10x it’s 3m avg. volume. Currency at it’s 52 week high, needs a run past 5.50 to continue north.

TISI: Strong day today, bringing it’s past week gains to 60% and carrying it over 10.00. On the radar for a continuation

CAN: Had a big day today, including 10x it’s average volume. bringing it to 75% gained over the past month. Expecting that trend to continue as it rides that momentum

ZVO: Steadily trended north throughout the day, holding it’s gains throughout the day and closing on a high note. Looking for it’s short term rebound to continue, 5.00 pt in place

FRAN: Suffered a massive drop today, after revealing plan to close 140 stores and potential bankruptcy. Watching simply for a buyout/alternative plan to come to light to cause a big run.

TANH: A long term gainer that continued that trend today, steadily climbing to a 10% gain and bringing it’s 3m gains to 100%. Set another new 52 week high before pulling back in afterhours, expecting a rebound.

APRO: Performing very well recently, as it tests it’s 52 week high+ it’s 2.00 wall that held it down previously. Watching for that wall to potentially come down

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