November 17, 2020

November 18th Watchlist

RVP: Steadily climbed throughout the day, closing at 10.00 and it’s highest point over the past 3m. Looking for it’s recent momentum to carry it higher

BTBT: Had another surge today, bringing it’s past week gains to over 50%. Reached as high as 7.05, setting a new 52 week high, before pulling back. On watch for another climb north

CTIB: Had a great start to the day, smashing it’s 2.00 wall before losing steam and and sliding the rest of the day. Needs to hold over 2.00 to push higher

FCEL: Had a strong day, maintain it’s recent momentum that’s seen it gain nearly 70% over the past week. Briefly touched 4.50 today before pulling back, if it holds over 4.00, expecting another test of 4.50

AXTI: Performed well today, briefly testing 10.00 before pulling back. Has gained nearly 50% over the past weeks time and is putting up several times it’s average daily volume the past few days. Watching for it to retest 10.00 shortly

PRTY: Steadily climbed throughout the day, closing strong and settling a new 52 week high. Testing 4.00, needs another surge of volume tomorrow to push it past that mark

KIRK: Had a decent day and a solid close, holding it’s gains throughout the day. Looking for 12.00+ in near future

MGEN: Surged today, consistently Uptrending and closing over 20.00. Potentially for it’s momentum to push it higher

NETE: Consistently climbed throughout the day, continuing it’s recent uptrend, gaining over 50% over the past week. 10.00 in sight, potential to reach it in near future

MARA: Gained throughout the day, with massive volume, and a strong close over 3.00. Has put up 43% over the past week, watching for a continuation

EVGN: Had a big day, steadily surging and closing strong, halting it’s steady decline over the past month. Watching for a potential reversal to take place

RIOT: Had a large run today, with an excellent chart and held it’s gains heading into Close. Set a new 52 week high today and has momentum, expecting a continued Uptrend

BLNK: Steadily climbed today, adding to its recent gains, bringing it to 44% over the past week. Briefly touched it’s 52 week high today, looking for a push past 14.50 an

AXAS: A low volumes stock that had a solid day, steadily moving north. Needs more volume and eyes to continue it’s Uptrend, but shows promising signs

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