November 18, 2019

November 18th Watchlist

AIHS: Had a Excellent Friday before cooling off during the day and into Afterhours. Looking for another short term climb over 1.00 Early morning

PACD: Had a steady climb on Friday, modestly closing with a decent gain. Looking for a continuation this week to potentially 3.50

SANW: A smaller gainer that looks to be on a solid reversal, 3.00 potentially incoming

SREV: A stock that’s gained more then 100% over the last 3 months and nearly 70% over the last month with a very consistent uptrend over that time. 2.00+ approaching in the near future

MTC: Ran on Friday with no real news, looking for a short term continuation of it’s movements, but nothing long term

APPS: Holding stagnant as it prepares for another push north. Expecting it to hold around 8.00 until it’s consolidation is finished

PSV,KERN: Stocks on watch for continuations

TORC,AGRX,RAVE: Rebound Candidates
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