November 18, 2020

November 19th Watchlist

DNK: Has been the best market performer in recent days, running hard again throughout the day and into after-hours, leading to its more then 250% gained over the past weeks time. Expecting a continuation due to its massive volume

AVCT: Uptrended for much of the day before growing stagnant after reaching 5.50. Needs more volume to push it past that mark, on the radar for tomorrow.

XELB: Surged throughout the day on relatively low volume, closing strong. Has surpassed 1.00 in a big way, looking for it to hold over that mark and Continue north

FUV: Has Performed very well of late, putting up nearly 20% today, adding to its 50% gained over the past week. Surged over 10.00 briefly before pulling back, watching for another attempt to reach and surpass that mark

FTSI: Had low volume today, which is on par, leading to it Maintaining it’s recent uptrend as it recovers from a poor year. Watching for it’s recovery to continue

VERI: Performed well today, consistently climbing and closing strong. Up 45% over the past month. 15.00 in sight, expecting it to reach that mark shortly

IRS: A normally low volume stock that had several times it’s average volume today, leading to decent gains. Has put up 61% over the past month, expecting it to maintain it’s Uptrend.

HPR: Had a solid run today, continuing it’s recent trend which has seen it gain 120% over the past week. Looking for another climb past 7.00 to push the share price higher

SOLO: Has an excellent chart, as it’s steadily surged in recent days, currently up 90% over the past week. Negotiating 7.00, if it’s large amount of volume continues, expecting it to push past that mark

KNDI: Has had a beautiful chart recently, consistently climbing it’s way to 100% gained over the past weeks time. Performed well throughout today and continued in ah, watching for a continuation

NTZ: A low volume stock that’s sneakily performed very well recently, surging throughout the day. Currenly up 40% over the past week, watching for 7.00+

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