November 1, 2019

November 1st Watchlist

ELOX: Had a strong uptrend throughout the day after announcing positive Data. Had a solid close, holding over 6.00. Watching early morning for a secondary run

PTE: Had a decent day, as it rebounds from it’s recent decline. 3.00 pt. In place, however not expecting a long term uptrend

AGRX: Had a massive day, starting extremely well before fading throughout the day, still finishing up over 200%. Watching early in the day, has the potential to have a big morning spike

MYOV: Ran for the first half of the day before growing stagnant. Struggling with a 5.50 resistance, would like to see a big break of that mark for it to push higher

CRC:Started the day extremely poorly, surged the second part of the day heading into close. Proceeded to lead all After hours gainers after announcing that they beat earnings and revenue estimates. Watching tomorrow for the run to continue

SREV: Had twice it’s average volume today, resulting in a very nice day. Up 42% over the past week, 1.50 pt. In place

REPH: A steady and consistent gainer over the past year plus. $20 long term pt. In place, looks primed for a similar uptrend to APPS

ONCY: Continued its recent run, bringing its gains over the past week to 135%. 1.50 short term pt. Is reasonable

ABUS, JCS, HABT:Gainers on watch for continuations

SUNW, RBBN, COCP: Rebound Candidates
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