November 20, 2019

November 20th Watchlist

AGRX: Performed well yesterday, looks primed to rebound to it’s previous resistance of roughly 2.50 in the near future, watching

AVGR: Has done well since the 14th of this month, reversing from a pullback to have a strong surge north. Cup and handle pattern nearly finished, 1.50 looks to be it’s destination

AEYE: Up 73% over the past week on a beautiful chart. Would like to see this move continue to 7.50+ before EOY

WVE: Has Performed very well recently, up more then 50% over the past month. Has plenty of room left to climb, looking for 35+ by EOM

CAAS: 60% has been gained over the past 5 days with a very consistent uptrend. This excellent run looks to have the wheels to continue to near 4.00, currently has 10x it’s average volume.

XBIT: A beautiful long term gainer that’s put up 33% over the past week, 56% over the past month, and 250% over the past year. If it breaks 15.00, expecting a strong surge to 20+

SAEX,MYOV: Gainers on watch for continuations

CRC,KLXE,PPDF: Rebound Candidates

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