November 19, 2020

November 20th Watchlist

COTY: Maintained it’s recent uptrend, which has seen it gain 40% over the past week and over 90% over the past month. Currently at it’s highest point since June, looking for it’s recovery to continue

KNDI: Has a beautiful chart in recent days, as it steadily marches north, has more then doubled in share value over the past weeks time. Looking for 15.00+

NAKD: A small penny stock that’s had an astonishing run recently, gaining nearly 300% over the past 3 days. Penny stocks are unpredictable, but closely watching this small rocket for a continuation

CORT: Had a consistent uptrend today, which pushed it to another new 52 week high. Has the momentum to reach 25.00, expecting that mark to be surpassed

POLA: Had a strong surge throughout the day before pulling back some heading into close. Tested 4.50 today, watching for that mark to be reached again in the near future

VVPR: Consistently climbed throughout the day, closing strong. Up 45% over the past week, with 10.00 approaching. Looking for it to test and climb past that mark

FTSI: Had a massive spike early on, before declining throughout the day. Held it’s gains decently well heading into close, potential for a secondary spike tomorrow early morning

FUV: Performed well throughout the day, continuing it’s recent trends. Has gained 115% over the past week, setting another new 52 week high. Has the potential to continue to 20.00+ long term, excellent potential

HPR: Shot up during much of the day, nearly reaching as high as 15.00 before pulling back heading into close. Declined some in afterhours, watching for a second spike tomorrow morning.

AYRO: Another stock that road the Electric car run today, leading to a huge day. Still underpriced, expecting a continued uptrend long term.

SOLO: Experienced a monster climb today, as stocks specializing in electric vehicles saw big gains. Has amassed more then 250% over the past month, with 10.00 in sight. Expecting it to be reached and surpassed

EGY: Had a consistent uptrend today, holding it’s gains heading into close. 2.00 in sight, expecting it to be reached in the near future

XXII: One of the best performers recently, XXII, has absolutely flew over the past few days, more then doubling in share value over the past week on an excellent chart. Left 1.00 behind today, expecting it to continue

SBE: Had a big day, pushing it’s share price to another new 52 week and all-time high, with no end in sight. Has put up nearly 50% over the past week, 30.00 pt. Before EOM in place

BLNK: Has a bright future, as it continues it’s climb north. Currently up 80% over the past week , and set another new 52 week high today. Had momentum and a bunch of volume, expecting 20.00+

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