November 22, 2019

November 22nd Watchlist


SSI: Had a big Thursday, contributing to it’s long term gains of nearly 400% over the past 3 months. Has plenty of room left to climb, looking for 4.00 early next week

AMBO: A very low volumed stock that surges yesterday, halting a very long term downtrend. Looking for any chance of a short term continuation to 2.00 before continuing it’s decline

RAIL: Had a solid uptrend yesterday, closing strong and above 2.00. watching today for it to hold over that mark

TYME: Has a very interesting curve to it’s monthly chart, watching for it to ride the momentum of yesterday’s run into a potential start of a recovery

KMDA: Set another new 52 week high yesterday. Struggling to hold over 7.00, watching for another attempt to climb past that mark

XXII,HEPA:,SNCA Gainers on watch for continuations

ONTX,VIVE,BPTH: Rebound Candidates
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