November 23, 2020

November 24th Watchlist

DPW: Led all gainers today, having explosive growth throughout the entire day, closing strong, and continuing it’s strong push in afterhours.

GTEC: Finished the day as one of the best gainers, performing well throughout the day and ending on a high note. At it’s highest point in over half a year, looking for a continuation

TANH: Had a massive rebound today, after an equally large fall recently. Would like to see it continue it’s recovery back to its 2.75 prefall price

FTEK: Got out way to early in this gem, which flew in afterhours, having a phenomenal day. Watching for FOMO to cause a second run

IDEX: Maintained a steady climb throughout the day, including an end of day surge to close things out. Has put up nearly 170% over the past week, 3.00 in sight

OEG: Had a big day, aided by a large amount of volume, and excellent recent momentum, carrying it to 141% over the past week. Fast approaching 2.00, potential to reach and surpass that tomorrow

FCEL: Maintained an incredibly consistent climb throughout the day, rarely pulling back and closing at about it’s HOD. Pushed at 10.00 in afterhours, expecting that mark to be reached and passed in the near future

CIIC: Continues it’s metoric rise, that it’s Maintained since last week. Has a chart pointing straight up, expecting 30.00 to be reached, will reassess at that point

GEVO: Had a massive run today, ending the day as one of the markets biggest gainers. Put up nearly 4x it’s 3m average volume, would like to see it Continue to its 3.00 52 week high. On the radar

BLNK: Having an explosive run recently, gaining nearly 50% today, adding to its more then 200% gained over the past week, with a beautiful chart over that time. Up nearly 300% over the past month, expecting a continuation to 4.00+

CAAS: A normally very low volume stock, it experienced roughly 14x it’s 3m average volume, leading to it’s consistent run throughout the day. Briefly tested 5.00 before pulling back, watching for it to return and potentially surpass that mark

POLA: Continued last week’s uptrend, performing very well throughout the entire day. Has gained 136% over the past week, and set a new 52 week high today. Expecting a continuation of it’s recent run

NINE: A low volumed stock that put up a massive day, pushing higher throughout the day, and closing on a high note. Looking for it to maintain it’s momentum north

RIG: Had a beautiful chart today, steadily uptrending throughout the day, and closing near it’s HOD. Has put up nearly 70% over the past week, with a large amount of volume. 2.00 in sight, looking for it to reach that mark

JMIA: Had another big day, bringing it’s past week gains to over 100%, setting a new 52 week high and closing the day above 30.00. Watching for a continuation this week of it’s excellent run

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