November 26, 2019

November 26th Watchlist

RAPT: Performed very well on Monday, continuing it’s climb north that’s seen it gain nearly 150% over the past month. Needs to surpass $30 to remain a strong buy

CBAT: A small cap stock that’s been tremendous of late, nearly doubling in share value over the last week on a consistent climb. Looking for a climb back to .92 in the near future

NLTX: A low volume stock that’s had positive movement of late, gaining nearly 50% over the past week. Looking for a climb over 4.50 for it to continue to 5.00

CLVS: An excellent stock recently, gaining 242% over the past month. Looking for it to hold over 10.00, if it does, expecting a continuation of it’s massive uptrend

AQST: Up 127% over the past month on a consistent climb. Watching for it to test 8.00 again soon, expecting it to push past it

SRNE,JAN,PMTS: Gainers on watch for continuations

CBAY,LJPC, ASLN: Rebound Candidates

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