November 29, 2020

November 30th Watchlist

SOL: Ran hard on Friday, setting a new 52 week high after announcing closing a sale of 4.3 MW Solar Projects in the UK. Has put up 132% over the past month, expecting a Continuation of it’s uptrend

WORX: Led all gainers on Friday, having massive volume, spiking early morning before leveling off, and holding it’s gains heading into close. Watching for a secondary run to take place

RAIL: Capped off a solid week on Friday, surging to over 3.00 and setting a new 52 week high before settling down. Accumulated over 60% over the past week, watching for another attempt to surpass 3.00

IGC: Was mostly stagnant throughout most of Friday before running hard in the final hour of the day, finishing up 30% and testing 2.00. Looking for a continuation of that late day move.

MDVL: Has an excellent chart over the past week, doubling in share value over that time, despite it’s low average volume. Has fully rebounded from a recent pullback, looking for 20.00 in the near future

NK: Maintained a steady Uptrend throughout Friday, closing strong. 10.00 in sight, watching for that mark to be surpassed in the near future

FSTX: Had an excellent week, putting up strong gains with a solid chart, including Friday. Climbed past 7.00 in afterhours, looking for it to hold over that mark and climb higher this week

ANIX: Maintained a consistent run throughout Fridays half day, with relatively low volume. It’s 3.00 resistance that’s held it down over the past few months is in reach, on the radar

TMDI: Climbed out of it’s penny stock status on Friday, capping off a week where it gained over 60% with a great chart. Looking for it to maintain it’s momentum to 1.50+

HIMX: Having an excellent multiday run currently, gaining 45% last week and nearly 90% over the past month. Set another new 52 week high on Friday, looking for that trend to continue this week

INO: Has a strong climb throughout most of Friday before growing stagnant to end the day. Has been inconsistent maintaining it’s uptrend after big runs recently, watching

TRIB: A long term gainer that continued that trend last week, putting up nearly 60%, setting a new 52 week high, bringing it’s past year gains to over 340%. 5.00 in sight, expecting that to be reached in the near future

NNDM: Had another big day, in a series of big days recently, bringing it’s gains over the past month to over 100%, and setting another new 52 week high. Putting up a large amount of volume, expecting it to climb higher

FTSI: Has performed extremely well in recently weeks, despite it’s very low volume. Continued that run this Friday, bringing it to 114% gained over the past week and a nearly 500% over the past month. 20.00 in the sightlines, watching for that to be reached and passed

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