November 6, 2019

November 6th Watchlist

NXTC: A larger stock that had a ridiculous run today, gaining 250%, despite how large of a stock this is. Looking for a early morning continuation potentially to 100, however staying cautious for a potential collapse.

NIO: Experienced a very solid climb today, holding it’s gains heading into close. With the stock being up nearly 70% over the past week, and a cup and handle being filled, looking for a continuation to 3.00 in the coming days

AGRX: Continues it’s insane recent run, where it’s gained over 500% over the past week alone. Expecting a continued climb, 2.75 first pt. In place, but it’s excellent news could push it higher

IMGN: Decent gainer today with a consistent climb and a strong close. Up 45% over the past week, 4.00 next pt. Expected, will revaluate depending on how quickly that pt is reached

CGEN: An under the radar stock with low average volume that’s started to get eyes on it after presenting solid data earlier. Has doubled in share value over the past 3 months, large 7.50 long term pt in place

PCG: Has consistently recovered from that recent pullback to gain over 50% over the past week. 10.00 a possibility if the trend continues.

FLGT,FRTA,EVER: Gainers on watch for continuations.

AFI,STIM,PMTS: Rebound Candidates
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