November 16, 2020

November 9th Watchlist

WWR: Had yet another large run today, which continued in after-hours. Has been the best performing stock in recent days by far, gaining over 500% over the past week. 15.00+ pt remains

IDT: Decent climb today, surpassing 10.00 and helping to contribute to its 66% gained over the past week. Set yet another new 52 week high, 12.50 first pt. expected

SOL: A great performer, consistently climbing throughout most of the day and into close. Got within .02 of it’s 52 week high today, looking for another test of 3.00 tomorrow

PPSI: Led gainers today after great news. Reached over 400% at one point before pulling back. Climbed again in after-hours, potentially signaling another climb tomorrow, on the radar

KIRK: Had a modest gain today, which continued it’s excellent uptrend recently. Up 45% over the past month and nearly 300% over the past 3m. Has climbed over 10.00 again, watching for it to test it’s 52 week high again in the future

OPTT: Had a beautiful climb throughout the day, which included a strong close, followed by a massive afterhours run. Had enormous volume as well, contributing to it setting a new 52 week high today, looking for a continuation tomorrow

PEIX: Started the day off great, negotiating 9.00 for much of the day before pulling back heading into close. Up 101% over the past month and a ridiculous 995% over the past 3m, expecting it’s momentum to carry it back to and above 9.00

RAVE: A small cap that exploded in afterhours with news of the addition of 2 new executives, ending as one of the biggest AH gainers. Approached 1.00, observing tomorrow for it to potentially surpass that mark

HIL: Moderate gains during the day before running in after-hours. Ended AH on a high note, watching tomorrow for it to build on its run

CHNR: Performed very well today, climbing throughout the day and in after-hours. Briefly tested 2.00 before pulling back, and currently up over 50% over the past week, watching for another test of 2.00 in the near future

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