November 3, 2019

November Swings And Uptrending Stocks ($1-20)


DXYN(+265% past 3m): Has had predictable spikes and long consolidation periods over the past few months. Struggling with 2.00, if it’s able to break that mark, expecting another large spike

MLSS(+130% past 3m): A decent gainer, with higher highs and lows. Surpassed 1.00 recently, needs to hold over that before testing it’s main resistance of 1.35, watching

RVP(+66% past 3m): Experienced a excellent uptrend recently, before suffering a small pullback. Looks to be in the process of recovering, looking for a climb over 1.32 for it to regain its upward movement



AVDL(+120% past 3m)+ Has performed very well recently. Suffered a pullback over a month ago, recovered from that setback and surged past that, with a strong chart. Testing 5.00, expecting it to push past that and continue north

AVP(+131% past year): A slow moving gainer that’s performed well over the past year, more then doubling in value. Expecting a slow March to 5.00+ by early next year

BASI(+138% past year): A very nice stock with a great chart. Has performed well recently as well as long term, gaining nearly 250% over the past year. Expecting it’s match north to continue past 5.00

RRD(+104% past 3m): A solid stock in recent weeks, RRD is currently in a bit of a pullback. Watching, potential for it to catch itself at or before 4.00, causing a solid buying opportunity. Watching


APPS(+410% past 3m): One of the best long term gainers over the past few years. Apps has gained roughly 1000% since the beginning of 2017, expecting a slow March to 10.00 at the minimum

BDSI(+52% past 3m): A recent gainer that’s performed decently. Currently struggling with a 6.00 wall, needs to surge past that mark to continue it’s uptrend.

DRD(+105% past year): Had a sudden surge starting midyear, causing it to have a massive run, gaining nearly 200% since June with a steady chart. Negotating 5.00, looking for it to break that mark and continue north

JCS(+120% past year): A stock that has had a quiet uptrend until last week, when it gained 36% steadily throughout the week. Looking for that big move to continue this week.

LEU(+60% past month): A great stock both recently and long term, with it gaining nearly 200% over the past year. Pressing against 6.00 currently, expecting it to surpass that mark this week and continue to run

SBGL(+196% past year): A great long term stock, that’s performed very well over the past year, with a very consistent chart. 9.00+ is expected before eoy


SPAR(147% past year): Has been a relatively consistent climber, with a very pretty chart over the past year, before surging over the past few weeks. 20.00 approaching.

XBIT(+196% past year): Has had a great year, as it surges back from a massive pullback. Needs to surpass 12.00 to continue pushing north, watching.
AKRX, AVH, HEBT, SPWH, ADT, ,DL, MTEM,NEW,KPTI: Stocks on watch to become swings
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