November 5, 2018

November Swings and Uptrending Stocks

AGRX(186% past month): Has had a consistent uptrend over the last 3 months, gaining over 250% during that time. Has climbed over most resistance points, a potential for a large run underway.

LIQT(309% past year): Has had a Great year, that’s grown stagnant over the last month. Support at 1.25, watching for another climb to 1.80

ONCS(50% past 3m): Jagged chart with a gradual uptrend, 2.15 pt in place

SAUC(+60% past 3m): Has performed well since the beginning of August, reversing from a steep drop. Watching over 1.50 for it to continue

SGLB(+98% past 3m): Has performed well of late, running into resistance at 2.00. Solid support at 1.75, expecting another attempt to break the 2.00 wall

CJJD(+42% past month): Has climbed consistently of late, on a strong chart Resistance is at 2.26, would like to see it climb over that this week

TMQ(+274% past 2y): Slow but steady grower, has maintained a solid uptrend since its start on market. Great set and forget stock

BDSI(+37% past month): At its 52 week high, would like to see it climb over 4.15 and continue its positive movements.

CHMA(+178% past 3m): Huge mover over the past few months, fully expecting it to continue, watch over 4.00

CVM(+279% past 3m): Has soared from its fall after our .60 call. Has hit resistance, needs to climb over 4.00

DNR(+180% past year): a Previously stellar stock that took a tumble after announcing acquisition news. Potential for it to come roaring back from its fall.

PXS(+235% past month): Has had a monster move over the last half of month. With plenty of room left to climb, on watch for it to continue this week

SDPI(+320% past year): Excellent climb over the last year, that hit a snag over the last month. SUpport at 3.30, resistance at 4.00, watching for a break

UUUU(+147% past year): Solid year, reversed nicely after multiple pullbacks, approaching its resistance of 3.62, watching over it
IMMY(+220% past year): Strong, healthy stock, which was demonstrated recently after erasing a large pullback with ease. No end in sight to its positive moves, 6.00 pt in place

NDRA(+71% past month): Took off recently, resistance at 5.40, on watch

DWT(+58% Past month): Performing well of late, potential signs of a reversal, on watch

FBP(+82% past year): Super consistent stock since the beginning of 2016. Approaching 10, watching over it. Solid set and forget stock

MFIN(+242% past year): Excellent chart over the last year, jagged, perfect for swing trading. Expect it to continue.

MTBC: Textbook example of a excellent reversal, has soared since its early 2017 decline. Expecting the move to continue long term.

NFEC(+675% past year): Has taken off since March of this year. Gained nearly 100% over the last month as it continues setting all-time highs. Expect this move to continue to 10 at least

NIHD(1603% past year): One of the best growth stocks over the past year plus. Incredibly massive gains, 16.00 pt in place.

NTWK(+193% past year): Healthy stock, healthy chart, Low volume traditionally but overall a very good stock to watch over 10.00


CATS(+193% last year): Was a great gainer over the last year, hitting resistance in the mid 13s. Would like to see it reach those levels again in the near future

ABR(+185% past 5 years): A excellent stock for long-term, safe growth.

OPRX(357% past year): Very low volume stock that’s quietly had explosive growth. Resistance at 18, watching over it.

NOA(+156% past year): COnsistent grower that’s kicked things into overdrive the last few months. Plenty of resistance at 12.50, watching over it

AUDC: Performing very well since the middle of 2015, gaining over 300% since that time. Solid company, expecting the moves to continue

NEO(+385% past 5 years): Long-term growing company, has truly taken off the last year. Minor resistance at 18.50, expect it to fly past that and continue on its way

CRMD,REFR,DXLG,NAT,OASM,ACB,BVX,EBR,GLBS,VCYT,CSBR,ABCD,ENDP,SHSP: Stocks on watch with potential to break out
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