October 10, 2021

October 11th Watchlist

CEI: A fantastic long-term gainer that suffered a large pullback recently, collapsing after soaring to 5.00. Had a strong rebound to end this past week, climbing up to 2.50 before falling back to end the day. On watch for it to continue, its recovery this week
CCXI: Led the market in gains on Friday after a strong climb in Afterhours. Fell briefly at open before recovering and surging as far as touching 40.00 before close. On watch for a secondary run to take place.
RENN: A generally low volume stock that has had a fantastic long-term gain, putting up 80% over the past week and nearly 120% over the past month. Had massive volume relative to its average on Friday, expecting another climb over 25.00 shortly
AEHR: Had another excellent climb last week adding 53% to its 700% amassed over the past 3m with a fantastic chart. Briefly tested 20.00 on Friday, expecting that price to be surpassed early this week.
DATS: Performed very well on Friday, surging throughout the day, closing strong, and continuing its uptrend in after hours. On the radar for its momentum to carry into this week
VYGR: Took off early on Friday and carrying that positive run into close, having an excellent day in the process. 6.00 in sight, expecting that price to be tested in the near future
ENDP: Ended the week on a high note, closing over 4.00. Up 86% over the past month with a great chart, expecting a continuation north
NXTP: Steadily uptrended throughout the week, including a strong ending on Friday, putting up more hen 20x its average volume. has great momentum, on watch for 3.00 this week
REI: Up 435% over the past year, including nearly 60% over the past month. Set another 52 week high on Friday, expecting its surge to continue north this week.
TGA: Has been a fantastic stock over the past year, putting up 668% over the past year, and more than 70% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, expecting its fantastic uptrend to continue long term
UPST: A long term gainer that continues to add gains, up nearly 1500% over the past year with a strong chart over that time. Despite it’s rather beefy price, it still has room to push higher in the future
NOG: Has had a fantastic long-term gain, consistently uptrending over the past year, gaining nearly 400%. Has had a strong surge recently, expecting 45.00+
SM: An excellent long-term gainer that’s added more than 1800% over the past years time with a beautiful chart over that time. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, expecting it to continue pushing higher this week
APEN: A long-term gainer that’s added more than 450% over the past year, despite its very low volume stock. Tested 10.00 briefly last week before pulling back, expecting another test of that price. If it surpasses that mark, expecting it to continue climbing north
CPG: Has great recent momentum, up 300% over the past year, setting a new 52 week high on Friday. Surpassed 5.00, on the watch for it to continue its run north
HNRG: A lower volume stock that has had a great under-the-radar run, causing it to gain nearly 500% over the past year and more than 70% last month. Up almost 50% over the past week, and set a 52 week high on Friday, looking for 5.00 in the coming days
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