October 11, 2021

October 12th Watchlist

PTGX: Rocketed north this morning after the FDA lifted its clinical hold on Rusfertide Program+Northland Capital Markets upgraded their PT to $40. Had massive volume relative to its average, looking for a second run to take place
OCGN: Had a great day, putting up decent gains throughout the day and continuing that positive move north in Afterhours, closing strong. Would like to see it continue further north this week
ENDP: Had 22% over the past week, and more than 50% over the past month, with a great chart. Showing plenty of signs of rebounding from it’s long term decline, needs an increase of volume to continue its surge
USWS: Started the day off very well, before pulling back hard, although it did have a solid recovery heading into close. Had many times its average volume, on the radar tomorrow
SNPX: Has been excellent recently, amassing more than 40% over the past week, adding to its 86% put up over the past month with a great chart. Its 14.40 52 week high is in sight, potential to reach that shortly
AMTX: Continued its recent uptrend today, bringing its past week gains to 24% and past 3m to more than 100%. Surpassed 20.00 today and has excellent momentum, on the radar for a continuation north
SBOW: Spiked early morning before sliding a bit throughout the day, still closing with solid gains. Up more than 40% over the past month with a decent chart and relatively low volume, remains an underrated long term option
CCXI: A decent gain today, climbing over 40.00 and continuing Friday’s uptrend. Has plenty of volume and eyes on it, on the radar
TGA: Has gained 30% over the past week, adding to its 564% gained over the past year. Set a new 52 week high before pulling back, watching tomorrow for a continuation
PROG: Performed extremely well today, surging from the start of the day and maintaining that push north into close. Had enormous volume today, potential for a second run
HX: An under-the-radar stock that’s had a beautiful chart over the past month, nearly doubling in share value over that time, including more than 50% over the past weeks time. Had a strong climb today, would like to see its move continue
ANY: Maintained a consistent uptrend into close today. Had great volume, could see the start of a surge towards 10.00
RENN: A generally low volume stock that’s put up fantastic gains of late, including 120% over the past month. Negotiating 25.00, a surge of volume cold carry it over that price and onwards
BTBT: Started well before sliding but still finished in the green. Up more than 50% over the past week, looking for it to push higher
AEHR: Has been and remains one of the best stocks on the market recently, gaining 50% over the past week to add to its more than 630% put up over the past 3m and 12005+ over the past year. Set yet another new 52 week high today, expecting that trend to continue long term
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