October 12, 2021

October 13th Watchlist

HX: Had another great day, nearly reaching 4.50 before pulling back. Has climbed nearly 60% over the past week, and 126% over the past month with a fantastic chart. Expecting its run to continue into the future
TYHT: A very low volume stock that moved nicely today, continuing its rebound. Has previous resistance at 13.00, if it surpasses that mark, expecting it to maintain its run
CAR: A fantastic long-term gainer that’s amassed early 400% over the past year, including 77% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, surpassing 150.00, expecting a continuation
UPST: Had a solid recovery today, bringing it within sight of its previous 52 week high. Would like to see it test 350.00 early this week
METC: A lower volume stock that’s been fantastic recently, amassing 179% over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum, expecting it to push higher
NXTP: Trickled higher today, bringing its past week gains to more than nearly 100%. At its highest point in months, looking for a continued recovery
CEI: A long-term gainer that suffered today, declining throughout before bouncing back in AH. On the radar tomorrow
CCXI: Declined today after strong performances the past 2 trading days. Continues to have large volume, potential for a bounce tomorrow
NRXP: Had a fantastic day, steadily uptrending and closing strong, with several times its average volume. Looking for its momentum to carry it higher
BBIG: Had a fantastic day, flying throughout the day and continuing that move in AH, closing strong. Had great volume today, would like to see it surge north
DATS: Put up another great day, running throughout the day and bringing its past week gains to more than 75%. On the radar for a test of its 18.00 52 week high
KOSS: Had an end-of-the-day spike heading into after-hours, touching 20.00. Put up many times its average volume, would like to see it run further
OCGN: Had a solid day with enormous Volume, surpassing 100 million shares traded. At its highest point in months, and 10.00 is in sight, looking for that to be reached in the near future
SNTG: Had a fantastic day, climbing throughout the day and continuing that positive move in afterhours, reaching 3.00. A lower volume stock, watching for it to push higher
UUUU: Started the day off well and maintained its uptrend throughout the day. Surging could see 8.00 soon
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