October 13, 2021

October 14th Watchlist

HX: Had another great day, continuing it’s recent uptrend, that continued in AH. Up more then 80% over the past week and more then 150% over the past month, could see 5.00+ shortly
NXTP: Soared yet again, pushing north throughout the day and into AH, reaching 3.00. has amassed 80% over the past week with an excellent chart, expecting a continuation
HUT: A solid uptrend today, recovering from it’s recent pullback. Had great long term momentum, looking for 12.50+ in the coming days
AEHR: Performed well today, climbing back over 20.00, and bringing it’s past 3m gains to 600% with a fantastic chart. Remains a fantastic long term option
UPST: Continued it’s rebound today, coming within a few cents of it’s 52 week high. Up more then 1600% over the past year, somehow still has room left to climb
JSPR: Doubled in share value today after a massive spike early morning, climbing over 18.00 before declining throughout the day. Huge volume, on watch for a secondary climb.
WTRH: Had a fantastic day with huge volume today, spiking early morning, pulling back and recovering heading into close. A long term decliner, could see today’s move trigger a recovery
SOTK: Had a beautiful climb today, consistently uptrending and closing strong after it reported strong growth in sales for Second Q. A generally very low volume stock, on the radar for a continuation north
SESN: Soared throughout the day and into after-hours, closing above 1.00. Up 50% over the past 2 days, looking for its run to continue this week.
HUDI: Has been a fantastic under the radar stock of late, with today’s climb adding to its more then 100% amassed over the past week with a very steady chart. Could see this Gem push higher.
ICD: Had a great start to the day, before growing stagnant. Closed near it’s HOD, with 15x its average volume, looking for the increased eyes on it to drive the share price north
ANY: Started the day off well, and held that Uptrend throughout the day and into after-hours with strong volume. Continues to recover from it’s Early Sept. pullback, would like to see 9.00+ shortly
PLUG: Had a great day, steadily climbing throughout the day, continuing it’s recent move that’s had it put up 40% over the past week. Has great recent momentum, on watch this week
ADTX: Decent gainer today that had a solid close, holding most of it’s gains throughout. Up 30% over the past week and surpassed 2.00, on the radar this week.
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