October 21, 2020

October 22nd Watchlist

SELB: Had a strong run today, spiking midday and holding most of it’s gains heading into close. Has performed well lately, looking for it to test and potentially surpass 3.00

PRPH: Had another run today, adding to its 60% gained over the past week and nearly 400% over the past 3m. Testing 8.00, expecting it to surpass it and push higher

EVK: Had a massive afterhours spike due to excellent news. Remains a low volume stock, potential to run again tomorrow due to its low float, watching

ISIG: Led all gainers, surging twice before pulling back heading into close. Had massive volume compared to its normal numbers, watching for a secondary run to take place.

TLGT: Had another excellent day, running hard, surpassing and holding over 1.00 heading into close. It’s big run continued in after-hours, putting up another 20%, watching

NEOS: A penny stock having a massive day with more then 20x it’s average volume. Closed very strong and held it’s gains, on the radar for a potential continuation Tomorrow, 1.00 in sight

SMTS: Consistently gained throughout the day, gathering strong volume compared to its average, and closing strong. At it’s highest point in awhile, expecting it to push higher

FTFT: Had a steady uptrend throughout the day, stopping short of testing 3.00. A rather low volume stock, watching for 3.00 to be reached and potentially surpassed Tomorrow

NXTD: Put up another strong day with massive volume, continuing it’s recent uptrend, bringing it’s past week gains to 64%. Looking for it’s recovery to continue in the short term

MARA: Had a solid climb today, closing on a high note and continuing it’s run in after-hours, surpassing 3.00. Has gained 40% over the past weeks time. Has
the making of a cup and handle pattern forming, looking for a continuation

AMTX: Continues to be one of the best gainers recently, testing 5.00 and closing strong. Up 46% over the past week and nearly 500% over the past 3m, and setting another new 52 week high. Expecting a continuation

MOGU: Steadily uptrend throughout the day, adding to its more then 30% gained consistently over the past week. Watching for it to push higher.
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