October 27, 2020

October 27th Watchlist

WWR: Had yet another large run today, which continued in after-hours. Has been the best performing stock in recent days by far, gaining over 500% over the past week. 15.00+ pt remains in place

IDT: Had a decent climb today, surpassing 10.00 and helping to contribute to its 66% gained over the past week. Set yet another new 52 week high, 12.50 first pt.

SOL: A great performer today, consistently climbing throughout most of the day and holding it’s gains into close. Got within .02 of it’s 52 week high today, looking for another test of 3.00 today

PPSI: Led all gainers today after excellent news. Reached over 400% gained at one point before pulling back. Climbed again in after-hours, potentially signaling another climb tomorrow, watching

ENDP: Had a strong climb today, with a large amount of volume. Has been trending north recently, looking for that to continue this week, 5.00 pt in place

OPTT: Had a beautiful climb throughout the day, which included a strong close. Continued the growth its had recently, gaining more then 220% over the past week. Set a new 52 week high today, looking for 3.00 to be reached in the near future

KIRK: Had a modest gain today, which continued it’s excellent uptrend recently. Up 45% over the past month and nearly 300€ over the past 3m. Has climbed over 10.00 again, watching for it to test it’s 52 week high again in the future

CHNR: Performed very well today, climbing throughout the day and in after-hours. Briefly tested 2.00 before pulling back, and currently up over 50% over the past week, watching for another test of 2.00 in the near future

ELSE: Was one of the best gainers today, flying throughout the day and holding it’s gains heading into close. Watching for a potential secondary run tomorrow.

SNES: A low volume stock that surged throughout the day, surpassing 2.00 and closing strong. A long term decliner, would need another run tomorrow to begin a reversal.

CLDX: Ran hard today, bringing it’s past months gains to 70%. Fast approaching 20.00, expecting that mark to be reached as soon as eow, if not sooner. Needs a large amount of volume to surpass that mark.

CHCI: Performed decently well today, including a solid afterhours push. Currently completing a cup and handle pattern, needs to surpass 3.00 tomorrow to continue that trend. On watch.

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