October 26, 2021

October 27th Watchlist

GHSI: Took off late day, pushing north onto close and soaring I’m AH, gaining more than 50% at one point before pulling back. Put up more than 30x its average volume today, on the radar tomorrow
CXDC: Had an absolutely beautiful run in AH, gaining 250%+ after already putting up great gains during the day. Could be a fantastic option tomorrow, watching
DGLY: Spiked hard at the beginning of after hours, soaring over 1.70 twice before pulling back hard, ending Ah with modest gains. Plenty of action for this lower volume stock, could see a second climb tomorrow
IINN: Led all gainers today after entering Europe and signing an agreement with WAAS group. Consistently trickled north throughout the day, closing strong, before shedding a large portion of its gains in AH. On watch for a rebound to take place
BIMI: Reacted similarly to IINN, having a phenomenal day with a steady run throughout, before crashing hard in AH. Signs point to a continued slide, but could catch the bottom for a short rebound tomorrow
ITRM: Remained stagnant the first part of the day before soaring during the second half, spiking hard heading into close. Could signal a continued run tomorrow, especially considering its volume.
HUDI: Easily remains one of our favorite stocks, as it’s amassed 400% over the past month with a fantastic chart. Has gained more than 300% since our first alert, expecting it to continue north
SABS: Performed very well today, surging throughout and stopping just short of surpassing 10.00 before close, putting up large gains in the process, returning back to its previous price point. On watch for another sharp dip to be able to buy back into
PERI: Strong volume today, adding more then 10x its average volume as it steadily surges throughout the day, reaching 30.00 before pulling back, setting a new 52 week high. Watching for it to push higher
JAGX: Spiked hard during the first half of the day before pulling back. Briefly halted its long term decline, could see a smaller run take place before its collapse continues
NOTV: A low volume stock that had an excellent climb today, steadily maintaining its surge throughout the day, bringing its past year gains to over 800%. On watch for it to test its 50.00 52 week high in the near future
CDEV: Had a minor gain today, adding to its long-term run that’s seen it add 1150%+ over the past year with a great chart. Expecting its long term uptrend to continue to 10.00
PROG: Had a big day, after yesterday’s massive Ah spike. Has gained 343% over the past month with fantastic momentum, looking for 5.00 in the near future
BGI: An under the radar, lower volume stock that continues performing very well, with today’s steady climb bringing it to more than 30% gained over the past week and more than 80% over the past month. Expecting a new 52 week high to be set this week, watching
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