October 27, 2020

October 28th Watchlist

TANH: Had a solid run today, closing short of surpassing 3.00. Has gained 26% over the past month, and nearly 80% over the past 3m. Expecting a continued climb.

CRDF: Had a steady climb throughout the day, closing with modest gains. Looking for it to return to its 17.00 numbers in near future

TGC:Took off midday, surging past 1.00 and closing strong. Continued its run in after-hours, performing very well. Watching early tomorrow for a secondary run

NTZ: Continues negotiating 7.00, as it attempts to restart it’s excellent recent run. Watching closely

SRRK: Had an excellent run today, more then doubling in share value, and continuing it climb in after-hours after announcing great data for it’s Phase 2 trials. Looking for a continuation.

SNMP: A penny stock that had an excellent day, consistently Uptrending throughout the day and closing strong. On watch for a continued climb early morning

SINO: A low volume stock that performed well today, climbing throughout the day. 2.00 in sight, watching for that mark to potentially be reached in near future

BDR: Uptrended throughout the day, reaching past 1.50 and closing well. Has gained more then 80% over the past month, looking for a continuation

SPI: A stock that formerly had an enormous run, had a solid spike today early morning before sinking throughout the day. Looking for another early morning Spike and test of 10.00

EVK: Currently up over 250% due to its massive run recently, continued building on that today, surpassing and closing over 3.00. Looking for it’s momentum to continue carrying it higher

ZDGE: Continued it’s recent run, leading to 110% gained over the past month. Surpassed and held over 3.00 today, watching for a continuation
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