October 2, 2020

October 5th Watchlist

VVPR: Had a steady climb throughout the day, continuing its exception long term uptrend, where it’s gained over 850% over the past year and 45% over the past week. Looking for 15.00 in the near future

PRPH: Consistent low volume gainer, that had a big day, setting another new 52 week high. Has accumulated over 264% over the past 3m, on the radar for a continuation

ACRS: A had a solid day, holding it’s gains heading into the close. Approached it’s 52 weeks high today, as it negotiates 3.00, watching for it to push past that price

IDT: Had a huge gain today, briefly surpassing 10.00, after good 4Q results. Looking for a secondary climb tomorrow to carry it over 10.00 again.

LAC: A long term gainer that continued that trend today, bringing it’s past week gains to nearly 70% and it’s 3m gains to . arly 200%. Set another 52 week high. 17.50 pt in place

WWR: Had a massive climb throughout most of the day before pulling back heading into the close. Had an enormous amount of volume, roughly 20x it’s average. On watch tomorrow for its momentum to carry it to another big day

ENLV: Had another Steady climb today, bringing its past week gains to more than 100% and back over 10.00. Looking for the stock to hold over that price and Continue its recent run

SLDB: Steadily climbed throughout the day, with a strong close, and a modest gain in after-hours, after announcing it’s to participate in an important Virtual Conference. Needs to surpass 4.25 to continue its climb.

PLSE: Had a solid uptrend today before pulling back heading into close. Observing tomorrow

PACB: Has one of the most beautiful charts over the past few months, having a near-daily climb. Up 64% over the past month and 224% over the past 3m. Expected a continued uptrend

AGO: Had a steady climb today with a strong close. Needs more volume to maintain its climb, watching closely

XTNT: Gained more than 150% at one point today after the announcement of debt restructuring. Has the potential for a secondary run tomorrow, looking early morning for that to take place

HMHC: Has had several consecutive uptrending days, seeing 50% put up in 3 days. Looking for 3.00 in the near future

PACD: A small-cap stock that had a large amount of volume today, putting up 20% during the day and another 27% in after-hours, to close out the day, with excellent gains. Potential for a continuation
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