October 24, 2019

October Swings and Uptrending Stocks


DRRX(+168% past 3m): Has performed well in recent months, currently struggling with a 2.00 wall, if it surpasses it, expecting a surge to 2.20+

MLSS(+205% past 3m): Has maintained a beautiful uptrend over the past few months, surging past 1.00. Resistance at 1.35, expecting another attempt past that mark in the near future

RVP(+73% past 3m): A strong growth stock in recent months, with a very steady climb with minimal falls. Reached a new 52 week high recently, 1.50 expecting in the future
VTGN(+113% past 3m): Maintaining a beautiful climb, VTGN rebounded from a recent pullback to continue pushing north. 1.40 Resistance, expecting that to be surpassed

ICON(+150% past 3m): A stock with an excellent chart recently. Has overcome an pullback recently, needs to surpass 2.50 to continue north, a mark that’s fully expected



BASI(+118% past 3m): A very solid gainer in recent months, basi has consistently set a new 52 week high near daily. 5.00 next pt. In place.

CYH(+115% past 3m): A stock that has recovered from a steep decline that took place over many months. Approaching it’s previous Resistance of 5.00, if it breaks that mark, expecting a continuation north

EDAP(+85% past 3m): A stock with plenty of dips and spikes in recent months with a general uptrend in place, edap is made perfect for swing trading. 5.30 is it’s Resistance, needs to break that mark before continuing north

HEBT(+226% past Year): A recently promising stock that has struggled in recent weeks with a 5.00 wall. Needs a strong push past that point in the near future to remain a buy

RRD(+139% past 3m): A stock with a beautiful chart over the past few months as it recovers from a very large pullback that took place recently. Looking for a push past 4.75, for it’s momentum to carry it back to it’s recent Resistance of 6.00


BLDP(+62% past year): Although small gainer over the past year, BLDP has remained consistent over that time, pushing past all pullbacks to continue north. Set a new 52 week high recently, expecting this trend to continue in the future

SBGL(+126% past year): A stock with a beautiful chart, and a bright future. The stock is at its highest point in over 2 years and continues to recover, especially with the political climate the way it is. Expect this stock to remain a gainer

UTI(+140% past year): An explosive gainer, with large spikes followed by stagnant points. Recently recovered from a small pullback and looks primed for another strong push, watching.

SLDB(+167% past 3m) A tremendous gainer in recent months, recovering from pullbacks quickly to maintain a consistent climb. Resistance at 13.00, looking for a strong surge to break that mark soon

FRAN(+499% past 3m): One of the biggest Gainers recently on the stock market, as the stock rockets north after years of downtrending. Dealing with a $20 wall, if it surpasses that point, look for a continuation to take place

KOD(+105% past year): A decent stock over the past year, doubling in share value over that time. Struggling to hold over $20, needs to do so in order to remain a buy

IMH,SILV,RCM, IRT: Potential Swing Stocks.
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