September 30, 2019

October Swings and Uptrending Stocks

DRRX(+214% past 3m): Has been a strong growth stock in recent months, steadily increasing in share value. Struggling to climb and hold over 2.00, watching.
RVP(+37% past month): A low volume stock with slow but steady growth, surging past 1.00 last week. Needs to maintain this pace to reach our 1.30 pt.
SSI(+165% past month): Has had recent explosive growth, after announcing positive news, including a over 30% gain last week. A long term downtrend, but has the potential to continue to 2.50
BASI(+129% past year): A low volume stock that has had recent success. Reached 4.00 briefly before being pushed back, expecting another attempt to break that mark
LBY(+106% past month): Consistent uptrend has taken place over the past few weeks. Resistance at 3.50 currently, looking for a strong break and a continuation north
AVP(+108% past year): A great stock for swinging over the past year, Avon has had plenty of consistency climbing north. 5.50 pt in place
HEBT(+162% past 3m): Experienced a major surge at the beginning of June, sending the stock flying ever since. 5.00 first pt in place
APPS(+408% past year): One of our favorite long term stocks continues to impress, maintaining a steady uptrend. Recently hit a pullback, expecting the surge to continue shortly
ATLC(+129% past 3m): A low volumed stock with a beautiful climb over the past few months. 10.00 expected soon
IMH(+133% past 3m): Has been a decent grower over the past 2m, 9.50 pt expected
KOOL(+97% past month): Has had a beautiful chart recently. Set a new 52 week high last week, expecting that trend to continue. On watch
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