September 16, 2020

September 17th Watchlist

PEIX: Surged throughout the day, continuing it’s previous trend. Has gained 663% over the past 3m, and set a new 52 week high today. Expecting its run to continue north

PRTY: Had a steady climb and a solid close today. Testing 3.00, needs to surpass that mark convincingly to continue its uptrend.

KIRK: Maintained a solid climb throughout the day with a strong close. Up nearly 400% over the past 3m, as it rebounds from a recent pullback. 9.00 pt in place

GOGO: Had an excellent run today, as it broke past it’s 10.00 wall. Currently up over 200% over the past month, expecting it to build on that uptrend.

SRNE: Consistently climbed throughout most of the day before hitting a wall heading into close. Further climbed in after-hours. Watching for a Continuation

INO: Had an excellent run today, continuing it’s recent trend, currently up over 70% over the past weeks time. Looking for it to return to 20.00+ again in the near future

HTBX: Had a steady uptrend throughout the day, after receiving a $3.50 target price from Zach’s. Also working on a covid Vaccine, looking for it to continue north, 1.75 short term pt in place

MRC: Maintained a solid run throughout the day with a decent close. Has had a tumultuous few months, looking for a short term climb to 6.50

TCON: Has a excellent chart in recent weeks, currently up 44% over the past week, and over 200% over the past month. Got within .09 from it’s 52 week high today, watching for a climb over 5.50

RENN: Has performed excellently, up over 80% over the past week as it has a short term recovery. Needs to hold over 2.00 to continue north

GME: Had an excellent run today, a recent trend for this stock and company. Recovered nicely from it’s pullback, bringing it’s past month gains to 82%. Looking for it’s March north to continue to 10.00
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