August 31, 2020

September 1st Watchlist


KIRK: Surged later in the day, holding it’s solid gains into close. A previous excellent gainer that’s showing signs of a recovery, a potential return to 10.00 in the near future, if it surpasses that, watching for a continuation

AUVI: Had an excellent day, soaring throughout the day, closing strong and continuing it’s uptrend in after-hours. Watching for a continuation of it’s run

PSV: Performed extremely well today, continuing a monsterous climb over that past weeks time, which has seen it gain 200% over that time. Surpassed 1.00 today, looking for it to ride it’s momentum north

HHT: Accumulated 22% today, holding it’s gains heading into close. Has doubled in share value over the past week, as it recovers from a recent pullback. Resistance at 1.40, looking for a strong push past that price point and a continued climb

AUTO: Climbed throughout the day, continuing it’s incredible near daily gain. Up 58% over the past week, and nearly 300% over the past month. Continues to set new 52 week highs, expecting a continuation to 6.00+

GME: A strong gainer recentlyafter chewy founder buys a 9% stake. Set a new 52 week high today due to today’s run, looking for it to build on today’s move.

UAVS: Had a big day and a strong close, surpassing and holding over 3.00. Strong resistance at 3.40, watching for it to test that price point in the near future

ATOM: Performed well today, steadily surging throughout the day. Climbed over 13.00 in after-hours, watching for it to maintain this uptrend to a 15.00 pt

PRQR: Had a very steady climb throughout the day, ending the day with solid gains. Approaching previous resistance at 6.50, on watch for a strong break past that price

RYTH: A larger stock then we normally delve into, RYTH caught our eye after recently running, gaining 62% over the past week. Expecting a run past 32.00 in the very new future

EDSA: Performed well today, briefly surpassing 10.00 before pulling back. Currently up 64% over the past week, on watch for it to retest 10.00 tomorrow and potentially push past it.

TRIL: Maintained it’s recent Uptrending behavior, with it’s solid day bringing it’s past month gains to over 70%. Has gained a monsterous 3500% over the past year. Expecting a continued climb.

VVPR: Had yet another run today, bringing it’s past weeks gains to 175% over the past week, 387% over the past month and 868% over the past 3m. Currently racing towards 10.00+, expecting that price to be reached by midweek

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