September 22, 2021

September 23rd Watchlist

AEMD: Has an excellent start to the day, spiking to 6.00 on massive volume, before pulling back to finish the day. On the radar for a secondary run to take place tomorrow morning
ARQQ: Had another strong surge today, bringing its past week gains to 150%, setting a new high. Has fantastic momentum, would like to see 40.00 in the near future
SB: Rebounded nicely today after a several-day downtrend. Has been a fantastic long term gainer, amassing nearly 350% over the past year, expecting it to continue back over 5.00 and beyond
PDSB: An excellent long-term gainer that’s added nearly 500% over the past year. Set another new 52 week high today, looking for 20.00 to be reached in the coming days if it’s momentum holds
GOTU: Had a big day, steadily surging throughout most of the day before slightly declining heading into close. Has been stagnant for weeks, watching for today’s run to potentially spark a short term uptrend
BCDA: Had a solid day, putting up up more than 5 mil volume, roughly 25x its 3m average, after Roumell Asset management reports a 5.6% stake in the stock. Could have a second day of climbing due to the news, on the radar
DVAX: Had an excellent run today, climbing over 20.00 briefly(setting a new 52 week high) before declining slightly to finish the day. Expecting its momentum to push it back over 20.00 in the near future
ATER: Maintained its recent reversal after its recent pullback, bringing it to more than 50% put up over the past week. Has performed well of late, 17.50+ short term pt in place.
AEHR: Has soared in recent weeks, gaining 113% over the past month, and nearly 400% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high today, would like to see it continue pushing north. 14.00+ pt in place
ONTX: Had massive volume today and a strong gain after releasing its Lung cancer trial data this morning. Would like to see a continued climb off this news.
HUT,DVAX: Other stocks on watch
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