September 26, 2021

September 27th Watchlist

PALT: Took off on Friday and maintained a beautiful surge throughout the day, consistently climbing and continuing in Afterhours. On the radar this week for it to ride its recent momentum higher
FLGC: Started Friday on a high note, spiking hard and continuing throughout the day, closing strong. Testing 7.00 currently, would like to see a recovery begin to take place after its extended downtrend
GOEV: Finished the week on a high note, after continuing to run throughout the day, pushing higher into close. Expecting its momentum to carry it higher, looking for 10.00+ early this week
MRIN: Had a fantastic Friday, running hard early morning before faltering. Amassed 82% over the past week, reaching 10.00, expecting a continued surge north this week
ACY: Has been the best stock on the market over the past year, amassing 3000% with a beautiful chart, including more than 500% over the past week. Has fantastic momentum, 70.00+ expected in the near future
ATER: Had a solid Friday, bouncing back from a recent pullback. Up 300% over the past month, looking for 15.00 to be tested again shortly
BCTX: Performed well on Friday, reaching a new 52 week high and bringing its past month gins to 68%. Has momentum, and is rapidly approaching 10.00, would like to see it reach and surpass that mark shortly
AEHR: An absolutely fantastic stock, that’s put up 50% last week after that great run on Friday, adding to its more than 500% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high on Friday, 20.00 long term pt in place
CEI: Has been a massive gainer recently, including its solid uptrend on Friday, which brought its past month’s gains to 425%, with a great chart. Would like to see its run continue back to its 3.10 52 week high shortly
IMNM: A low volume stock that’s been a big gainer over the past month, nearly doubling in share value over the past months time. Expecting 30.00+ this week
RCMT: Gained nicely last week, bouncing back after a sharp fall. Up nearly 100% over the past 3m, adding to its 446% over the past year. 9.00+ pt expected
APOP: Has been a great gainer over the past few week, before falling hard on Friday. Climbed in AH, potential for a dead cat bounce early this week.
EEIQ: Has been a massive gainer over the past month, gaining 185% over that time, including a strong surge on Friday. Approaching 10.00, expecting that mark to be reached and surpassed shortly
MTNB: Was excellent last week, putting up 40% and bringing its past month gains to 1.51. Has great recent momentum, potential for a continuation to 2.00 in the near future
NAKD: Was second in Volume on Friday, as it put up strong gains throughout the day and into AH. Needs to continue over .75 to potentially rocket to 1.00 this week
DVAX: Gained more than 30% last week. Testing 20.00, if it surpasses it, we could see it head to 22.50+
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