September 28, 2020

September 29th Watchlist

WWR: Had a strong climb throughout the day, before Rocketing north in after-hours, ending the day with excellent gains. Looking for it to hold above 3.00 early tomorrow before continuing north

PLL: Sales deal with tesla is announced, leading to a monsterous climb today that reached over 50.00 briefly. Looking for a secondary run tomorrow.

OXBR: Soared today on a huge pump, gaining over 700% at it’s peak. Fell throughout the second halfof the day, watching for a secondary run to take place.

EVGN: Continued its run early in the day, surpassing our 5.00 pt and setting a new 52 week high before falling due to a large sell off. Still has momentum, gaining 125% over the past month and nearly 300% over the past 3m, watching for a return to its 5.00 price

SPCE: Steadily climbed throughout the day, holding it’s gains heading into close. Continued in after-hours, watching for it to carry it’s momentum north

LMFA: Had a beautiful climb throughout the day and continued that move in after-hours. Looking for it to test 1.00 in the near future, had a massive amount of volume today to reach that pt.

CVGI: Consistently uptrended, with nearly twice it’s average volume. Up 43% over the past month and 130% over the past 3m. Currently at it’s highest point in months, looking for it to push higher.

LMPX: Had an excellent day, maintaining a steady run throughout the day. Has performed excellently in recent weeks, gaining 125% over the past month. Looking for 30.00 in the near future.

GALT: Had a huge run today, surging and closing strong. Climbed further in after-hours, looking for it to climb over 4.00 in the near future

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