September 1, 2020

September 2nd Watchlist

EVGN: Maintained it’s long term uptrend today after announcing a $10M investment, causing an excellent run throughout the day and a strong close. Up 163% over the past month, looking for a continuation past 3.00

NLS: Steadily climbed throughout the day, recovering from a recent pullback. Expecting it to surpass it’s previous 14.50 resistance and continue it’s long term uptrend, currently up nearly 900% over the past year

PEIX: Had a solid climb today, stopping short of surpassing 4.50. Has strong resistance at 5.00, would like to see a run to that price point take place

LE: Earnings are expected tomorrow, and anticipation led to another strong climb today, bringing it to over 70% gained over the past month with a solid chart over that time. Looking for a strong earnings and continued climb

LAZY: Had a minor uptrend today, as it attempts a reversal of it’s severe pullback recently. Needs a strong push past 12.00 to continue it’s recovery, watching

GOGO: Announced in Premarket that it’s to sell commerical aviation business for $400 million, leading to a big climb today, and a new 52 week high. Has gained more then 150% over the past month, looking for a continuation

SHLL: Traded rather uneventfully until midday, spiking 20% suddenly. Has gained more then 150% over the past month and has plenty of momentum, expecting it’s run to continue

PLAG: A usually low volume stock, Plag ran today after the chairman of the company spent 1.7 mil on purchasing stock. Has been a poor performer long term, but has potential for a short term run/News release to send it flying

GME: Steadily climbed throughout the day after RC ventures acquires stake. Continues to surge, up over 53% over the past week and 90% over the past month. On watch for 8.00+

LONE: Ran hard in after-hours, gaining more then 100%, after reaching an amendment to extend it’s forbearance agreement. Watching early morning for a short term pump to take place

IO: Announced a 3d client program in the North sea, causing a solid premarket run. A long term downtrending stock, looking for it to carry it’s momentum north

OMEX: A relatively low volume stock, OMEX performed well again today, bringing it’s past month gains to 68%. Set another new 52 week high, watching for it to push higher
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