September 2, 2020

September 3rd Watchlist

LAZY: Performed well today, as it continues recovering from it’s large pullback. Looking for a continued recovery to 15.00+ in the future

NLS: Steadily climbed throughout the day after William Blair highlighted It’s long term potential. Currently up over 1000% over the past year and set another new 52 week high today. 20.00 is a district possibility

VVPR: Continued it’s climb today, bringing it’s gains to over 100% over the past week and 413% over the past month. Tested 10.00 briefly today, expecting another climb to that price point in the near future

GOGO: Had another strong run today, continuing it’s incredible climb that it’s maintained recently. Up 85% over the past week and 225% over the past month. Briefly testing 10.00 before pulling back, expecting another surge over that price point shortly.

NNVC: Ran today after announcing that they’re to provide a covid19 drug update on September 3rd. Continued it’s climb in after-hours, watching tomorrow for it’s news release for a further run

CORT: Surged during the first half of the market day,before growing stagnant below 20.00. Needs volume+momentum to push past it’s 20.00 wall.

VRA: Had an excellent day, with a strong close. Watching tomorrow for it to build on today’s run

PSV: Had an excellent bounce back after yesterday’s fall, gaining roughly 100% early morning. Looking for a second rebound to take place early on in tomorrow’s market day

UONE: Ran early morning before settling out throughout the rest of the day. A long term downtrender, watching for this to be the start of a recovery

CMT: A low volume stock that had a great day, consistently climbing and holding it’s gains heading into close. Up 64% over the past month and set a new 52 week high, looking for a Continuation

CYCN: Steadily climbed throughout the day, resulting in it doubling in share value over the past month. On the radar.

EVGN: Has gained 66% ovee the past week and nearly 175% over rhe past month. Testing 3.00 recently, looking for it to break that price point and Continue its uptrend

RNET: Had another solid climb today, maintaining the trend its maintained over the past few months, currently up 437% over the past 3m. Expecting it to reach and surpass 6.00 in the near future

AMRN: Loss a large amount today, watching for a potential quick rebound tomorrow

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