November 5, 2019

September 5th Watchlist

AGRX: Had a very nice day, continuing it’s incredible recent run, coming from under .40 to nearly 2.00 in a little over a week after excellent recent news. Expecting that 2.00 mark to be reached this week.

EDNT: Steady gainer today with impressive upside. Would like to see a continues push tommorow past 2.65 for a continuation.

YRCW: A stock that started the first half of the day excellently, consistently climbing before growing stagnant at midday. 4.60 pt remains, watching for it to reach that mark early morning.

SBOW: Had a solid gain today, reversing nicely from an extended pullback. Larger 12.00 pt in place, expected to be reached in the coming days, if the stock continues moving at it’s current pace

CLDX: Performed very well today, complete with a very strong close, signaling good things to come tomorrow. Expecting a test of 3.00 potentially tomorrow, if it breaks that mark, could have a continues run.

TUSK,CEI,BLCM: Gainers on watch for continuations

AVEO,IFMK,CRNT: Rebound Candidates
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