September 7, 2020

September 8th Watchlist

VVPR: Closed last week out on a high note, nearly reaching 15.00 before pulling back. Currently up a ridiculous 530% over the past month, expecting a continued climb this week

EVGN: Had a solid rebound on Friday, as it recovers from the pullback suffered late last week. Up 126% over the past month, looking for it to retest 3.00 early this week and potentially surpass it.

GOGO: Had a excellent week, doubling in share value as it steadily climbed. Has also gained more then 200% over the past month. Closed above 10.00, looking for it to continue climbing.

MIK: Climbed over 10.00 on Friday, as it maintained it’s recent momentum. Had a ton of volume, looking for a continued uptrend this week

LMPX: Had a great week of news, announcing the acquisition of 9 dealerships. Ran hard on Friday, and is currently at it’s highest point in recent months. Expecting 20.00 to be reached soon

NCMI: Had a great Friday, with a steady climb and a solid close. Currently up 70% over the past month, on watch for it to reach 5.00 in the near future

KCAC: Had phenomenal first week on the market, climbing nearly every day and finishing the week out up over 131%. Expecting last week’s run to continue.

TCON: Performed very well, steadily Uptrending throughout the week, closing above 3.00. Expecting it’s current momentum to continue next week, watching

OMEX: Had a great uptrend in the past few weeks, gaining 45% last week and 89% over the past month. Continues pushing higher, looking for 9.00+

VRA: Performed well last week, putting up over 35%. Has also accumulated 73% over the past month, expecting 8.00+ to be reached early this week

TUP: Had a steady uptrend over the past week, surpassing 20.00, and setting a new 52 week high. Has gained nearly 450% over the past 3m. Watching for a continued climb this week

SRAX: Surged in after-hours on LD micro acquisition deal+ Buy rating by B.Riley. Watching tomorrow for a continued run

EVOK: Has done well to recover from it’s recent pullback, returning to its numbers before it’s recent fall. Up nearly 500% over the past year, Resistance at 5.70, looking for it to retest and surpass that mark

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