August 30, 2020

September Swings and Uptrending Stocks


TANH: Has doubled in share value over the past 3m, steadily climbing over that time. Hovering at 2.00, watching for it to push past that mark and continue north

TGC: Has gained nearly 30% last week, 53% over the past month and nearly 100% over the past 3m. Climbed over 1.00 last week after years as a penny stock. Watching for it to continue it’s recovery.

TRQ: A slow growing stock that’s recovering from a long term downtrend. Reached 1.00 last week, watching for it to maintain it’s uptrend to 1.25+


ACRS: Up 90% over the past 3m and 168% over the past year. Resistance a t 2.71, expecting it to surpass that and continue to 3.00 in the near future

FCEL: Up a massive 831% over the past year, soaring at the beginning of this year and continuing that trend, bringing it from under .40 to 3.00 over that time. Expecting a continuation

PRTY: One of the better gainers under 3.00, putting up 44% over the past week, nearly 100% over the past month and 192% over the past 3m. Has a beautiful chart over that time, looking for a strong break past 3.00

SOL: Up 132% over the past 3m. Had a strong spike over 3.00 last week before settling back down, on watch for it to retest that price point in the future




AUTO: Has gained 900% over the past week, 350% over the past 3m and 235% over the past month. Aided by it’s 66% gained last week, looking for it to continue it’s momentum back to its resistance of 5.00

BTBT: Took off in late March of this year and since then, has gained nearly 1000%, despite relatively low average volume. 5.00 resistance looms large, on watch for a surge of volume to surpass that mark


YRCW: Currently up 72% over the past month, and 150% over the past 3m. Has momentum and currently rebounding from a pullback. Expecting another test of 5.00 in the near future


CRDF: Up 65% over the past month and 229% over the past 3m. Currently near it’s all time high, needs to break out of it’s 7.75 resistance in the near future, for it to continue north,

ICLK: A slow gainer thats put up over 200% over the past year. Testing 10.00, if it breaks that, expect a continued run

LINC: Up 42% over the past month, and nearly 300% over the past year. Set a new 52 week high last week, on watch for it to continue north in the near future

VVPR: One of the best gainers on the market currently,VVPR has gained 243% last week, 329% over the past month and 733% over the past 3m. Soaring currently and racing towards 10.00. Expecting that mark to be reached soon


ASPU: Currently up over 225% over the past year. 15.00 pt is in place, watching.

NLS: Up 871% over the past year, Rocketing north due to a series of news releases. Expecting 14.00 expected to be reached soon, and potentially surpassed.

MIK: Up 64% over the past month and 182% over the past 3m. Consistently setting new highs nearly every day. Looking for that trend to continue this week.

ALJJ,EVGN,HBM,KIRK,RVP,LE,LAZY: Potential future swings
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