September 14, 2020

Mid September Swings and Uptrending Stocks


CCO: Gained 16% last week and over 30% over the last month. Watching for a continued slow uptrend as the stock recovers from it’s fall due to covid-19

KTRA: A relatively low volume stock,KTRA has been relatively solid uptrend, gaining 24% over the past week, 35% over the past month and over 150% over the past year. Currently at it’s 52 week high, looking for a continued climb to 2.00

TGB: Has performed well, gaining over 30% over the past month, and 90% over the past 3m. Holding over 1.00 during this pullback, looking for it to continue north

FTK: Has gained over 100% over the past 3m, including 68% over the past month. Watching for another attempt to test 3.00 in the near future


TWI: Gained 30% over the past week, and 70% over the past month. Rebounding hard from it’s fall early this season, expecting this to return to 4.00 in the future


BTBT: Has gained 815% over the past year. Had an explosive run over the past few weeks, currently testing 5.00, if it surpasses it, expect a long term run

PEIX: Has gained nearly 500% over the past 3m. Has hit a snag over the past 2 weeks, struggling to surpass 5.00. watching, if it breaks that mark, expecting a continued uptrend

TCON: Up 125% over the past month. Surged throughout the month, before pullback late last week. On watch for a further run to take place


Up 155% over the past month, steadily climbing over that time. Has also gained 300% over the past month, testing 20.00, expecting a continued surge.
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